Student Learning Advisor Mentors (SLAMs) in the College of Science, Engineering and Health

SLAMs in action

Students helping students achieve

What is a SLAM?

SLAMs are volunteer students who have received a DI or HD in a relevant course and are willing to offer two hours per week during the semester from weeks 3 to 11.

SLAMs offer academic mentoring support to assist students with their studies at RMIT.

Applications to register as a mentor are now closed.

When and where?

The semester 2 timetable is now available.

SLAMs is located in:

  • City campus: Building 8, Level 7, Room 153 (8.07.151)
  • Bundoora campus: Building 210, Level 3, Room 15 (210.03.15).

You don't need to make an appointment to see a SLAM and you will be able to check mentor availability on the SLAMs timetable which is renewed each semester.

It is the SLAMs’ goal to assist you to become a self-managed learner

SLAMs will:

  • answer your specific questions when you are struggling to understand any aspects of the coursework or your assignments.
  • share strategies with you on how to tackle each particular course.

SLAMs will not:

  • write your assessment tasks for you.
  • hand out personal phone numbers or email addresses.
  • provide a copy of their own course notes or previous assignments.

Please note: attending SLAMs’ sessions will not ensure that you pass. SLAMs’ cannot be held liable for your results. But we will give you as much help as possible to give you the best chances of success.

Making the most of SLAMs

Bring appropriate course materials, specific questions and assessment tasks to the SLAMs' session. SLAMs recommend that you attend all lectures and tutorials and have attempted to answer online questions.

Students helping students achieve

Become a SLAMs volunteer mentor

Have you achieved a High Distinction or Distinction? Come and join SLAMs as a mentor, helping students to achieve their academic goals.

In recognition of your participation you will recieve a Certificate of Appreciation for each semester of service ranging from Bronze (one semester) to Platinum (five semesters or more).

Applications for SLAMs are now closed.

For more information contact us

City campus: Tel. +61 9925 4985
Bundoora campus: Tel. +61 9925 4587

Semester 2 Timetable

Available now