B1 – Outstanding Teacher / Trainer of the Year Award, Vocational Education


This award recognises the outstanding achievement of an individual teacher/trainer or team who has enhanced student learning and/or industry training through exemplary teaching practice.

Value of the award

The award consists of a grant of $3,000 which can be used by the recipient/s to:

  • advance the career/s of the recipient/s
  • provide additional resources to support their teaching or activities related to the award
  • assist the individual/team to disseminate and embed good practice in learning and teaching.

Award monies must be spent within the year the funds are allocated and cannot be rolled over into the future years i.e. a November 2015 award will be allocated money in 2016 and must be expended in 2016.


You may apply as an individual in only one category/subcategory across all awards per year. You may apply, as a member of a team application, in more than one category/subcategory per year.

Selection criteria

All five criteria will be given equal consideration by the award selection panel:

  1. Individual or team teaching and learning skills
    This may include team teaching, movement into different roles, taking up leadership opportunities, facilitating learning in others, engaging with other professionals, working outside area of expertise, contributions to professional knowledge and skill and pedagogical practice, sharing and re-evaluation of teaching practice, further academic studies.
  2. Level of personal commitment to quality teaching and learning in vocational settings
    This may include building and/or participating in networks, contributing to the maintenance of particular initiatives that support teaching and learning, acting as a mentor/guide for others, providing support for new staff, enhanced student learning.
  3. Exemplary standard of professionalism
    This may include convening subject development group, membership of professional associations, maintaining ethical standards.
  4. Positive outcomes achieved by students or industry-based trainees, attributed to candidate’s contribution
    This may include student testimonials, inspiring students to further learning, support for students with learning difficulties, employer or industry testimonials.
  5. Knowledge and standing in relation to the industry or community covered by their area of expertise
    This may include industry teacher testimonials, other teacher testimonials, contributions to course materials, publications.


Applications must consist of: