14 March 2013

WorldMun hits Melbourne next week

WorldMun 2013 will be held in Melbourne from 18 March to 22 March.

What makes WorldMun 2013 special is not the fact that it is hosted in Melbourne but that this particular gathering has been officially endorsed by the United Nations - the first time in the conference's history.

What is WorldMun?

WorldMUN was founded in 1991 by Harvard students who were looking to create a unique, diverse and truly global Model United Nations experience.

For the duration of the WorldMUN conference, students assume the position of United Nations delegates and represent assigned Member States in committees and forums, debating, discussing and attempting to resolve some of the world’s most pressing and complex problems. Delegates are given the opportunity to articulate their views on international issues, and to develop networks spanning across borders.

As sponsors, we are extremely proud of our students who have taken a lead in reinventing the world. We’ll be profiling some of these students during the week, so keep an eye out for our future change-makers.

To find out more about WorldMun 2013 visit http://melbourne2013.org.au.

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