31 July 2014

A message from the new Centre Director

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2014. In this newsletter we feature some of the latest updates on events, research, presentations and media appearances from staff within the Centre.


Professor Nick Blismas

The second year of the Centre has continued to build on the successes of 2013. The year started with some structural changes to the Centre.  I had the honour of taking on the role of Centre Director early in 2014 after a successful inaugural year with founding Director Prof Helen Lingard. Prof Lingard was instrumental in establishing the Centre in 2013. The leadership change allows Helen to concentrate on her Australian Research Council Future Fellowship program of research which continues into 2016. Helen will retain active involvement in all her current research projects with the Centre. I wish to acknowledge the significant achievements of Helen and the crucial role she has played in establishing the centre and in building our reputation with the construction industry and international research community.

The year so far is shaping-up to be as successful as 2013. The Centre is currently involved in a wide range of projects from ARC grants, through to industry-commissioned research, with several proposals in the pipeline awaiting funding decisions. The Centre is currently working on several major projects across areas such as stakeholder influence in design, the product/process design nexus, process knowledge transfer and design complexity. Other major areas of work are workplace health and wellbeing, safety climate and culture, and more recently safety informatics and real-time data capture of safety indicators.

Importantly, we continue to aim to share and translate our research results into meaningful industry knowledge and learning which can be applied in the field. To this aim our industry advisory group continues to play a vital role in determining future directions for investigation and helping to ensure our outputs are utilised and useful within the broader construction industry.