26 May 2014

Nita Wiroonsup, RIIERP Program to Astrium Space Transportation, Germany

Nita is sure her internship at a leading international engineering firm will get her ahead in the professional industry.

This internship has opened me to many new opportunities in the industry that I could never think of as a normal undergraduate student.”

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)

Global Program: RIIERP

Destination: Bremen, Germany

Nita undertook her 9 month internship at EADS Astrium Space Transportation in Bremen, Germany. One of the many highlights Nita had during her work in Astrium was to be a part of the thermal testing team for the main thruster assembly of Automated Transfer Vehicle 5 (ATV5), which is due to be released in two years time. She found it amazing to see how very efficient and intelligent the work undertaken in the company was. RIIERP made it a lot easier for her to get into a leading engineering company, rather than have to go through difficult recruitment processes.

Outside of work, Nita socialised with friends from around Europe, traveling the continent with them whenever she got the chance. She describes her time in Germany as one of the best years of her life, traveling, working on something she loved everyday and meeting amazing people. Nita describes her RIIERP experience as ‘a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.’