13 February 2012

Information Technology Services - for all your IT needs

ITS offers a wide range of IT services to staff and students. The following list highlights key areas that be of particular interest to staff at this time of the year.

  • Email – Staff will soon be moving from GroupWise to Gmail. Stay tuned for further updates. In the interim, you can go to the Google Apps for staff web page for more information.
  • Password changes - You will be prompted to change your RMIT network (NDS) password every 180 days. Refer to the Password assistance web page for information on what to do if you forget, or want to change, your password. Remember to create a challenge question in case you ever forget your password!
  • Wireless network - Information on how to connect your lap top or mobile device to the RMIT wireless network is published on the Wireless web page.

For more information, go to the Information Technology Services website.

[Source: Brian Clark, Executive Director, Information Technology Services]

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