Bachelor of Business (Marketing) - Vietnam

Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance) - Vietnam

Business Discipline Minors

Accounting for Managers

ACCT2158 Financial Accounting

ACCT2126 Management Accounting & Business

ACCT2159 Corporate Accounting

ACCT2160 Cost Management and Applications

Economics and Finance

BAFI3182 Financial Markets

ECON1266 Macroeconomics 2

BAFI3184 Business Finance

ECON1268 Price Theory


ECON1268 Price Theory

ECON1266 Macroeconomics 2

ECON1270 International Monetary Economics

ECON1269 International Trade


BAFI3182 Financial Markets

BAFI3184 Business Finance

BAFI3194 Investment

BAFI3201 Personal Wealth Management


MKTG1253 Buyer Behaviour

MKTG1257 Marketing Communication

MKTG1254 Market Research

MKTG1255 Service Quality

Business Information Systems

ISYS2115 Introduction to BIS Development

ISYS2422 Business Database Fundamentals

ISYS2117 Business Analysis and Design 1

INTE2431 Business IT


BUSM3310 Human Resource Management

BUSM4188 Leading for Change

BUSM4187 International Human Resources

BUSM3309 Strategic Management


BUSM3299 The Entrepreneurial Process

BUSM4092 Applied Entrepreneurship

BUSM4294 Intrapreneurship

BUSM4171 Family Business and Entreprenuership