Academic student files policy


RMIT manages student administration information about individual students to support requirements for access to program related information; support student progress procedures; and meet audit / regulatory requirements.


  • To ensure that information about students is collected, accessed, managed, and archived in an accessible and consistent format to appropriately authorised staff and students and audit / regulatory bodies.
  • To ensure compliance with the requirements of external bodies including professional, funding and government.
  • To provide a framework for the collection, maintenance, access, archiving and disposal of student information.
  • To ensure that all information contained within Academic Student Files remains confidential except information that has been placed in the public domain.


The policy is applicable to student administration and award program related information for RMIT students.


This Policy does not refer to student files that may be created by RMIT counsellors, health service, etc.

Policy provisions

Policy requirements

1. RMIT shall collect and maintain information relating to students only if the information is necessary for one or more of its functions or activities, audit and regulatory requirements;

2. Information contained within Academic Student Files shall be secure;

3. Information contained within Academic Student Files may be released under legislative requirements or under other circumstances as specified;

4. Students shall be entitled to access their own individual Academic Student Files;

5. Academic Student Files shall be archived and disposed of in accordance with the regulatory requirements;

Policy responsibilities

1. Academic Portfolios shall ensure that all students have an Academic Student Files created on enrolment in an RMIT award program;

2. Academic Portfolios shall maintain and archive Academic Student Files;

3. University Archives shall manage the archiving and disposal of Academic Student Files, consistent with all other RMIT archive requirements.

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