19 September 2016

Meet me at the Poolhouse

Poolhouse Coffee spread

Grab your student discount sticker from Poolhouse Coffee today!

One thing Melburnians can’t get enough of is coffee and luckily for us this new kid on the block is not just delighting us with specialty coffee but they’re also offering you 10% on all coffee drinks and food purchases just `cause you’re an RMIT student.

Poolhouse Coffee is a speciality coffee shop that also offers feeds and a space for you to unwind in between classes. Located below Melbourne City Baths on the corner of Frankiln and Swanston Street, you can get your caffeine hit from as early as 7am.

The guys at Poolhouse Coffee don’t just make coffee, they serve batch brew, V60 pour over and all kinds of espresso based coffees. We’re told to truly appreciate good coffee, especially black-coffee aka espresso, one must cleanse their palate before and after. With sparkling water on tap, Poolhouse Coffee understands the importance of the full coffee experience.

To take advantage of the 10% discount, drop by the Poolhouse, flash them your student card to receive your student discount sticker. Slap it on your myki or cash card, so you’ll never be without your discount!

Check out the space or to get in contact with them, go to Poolhouse Coffee.

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