Open Day student volunteers

Open Day is one of the key recruitment events of the year and its success is the result of many hours of effort leading up to and on event day from staff advisers and student volunteers.

The RMIT College of Business will coordinate approximately 400 staff and student volunteers to assist visitors at Open Day on Sunday 14 August 2016.

Who can apply?

To be eligible to register as a Business Open Day student volunteer, you must:

  • Be a currently enrolled RMIT Business student (Vocational Education, trainee, undergraduate or postgraduate)
  • Be friendly and outgoing, happy to approach visitors
  • Be a good communicator – you will be speaking with members of the general public
  • Not already be registered to help at Open Day through the University’s website or the LEAD program

What are the rewards or incentives?

The College of Business offers student volunteers the following items for giving up their personal time to help out on Open Day:

  • Free RMIT zip front hoodie
  • Free lunch
  • Free nametag with lanyard
  • RMIT merchandise
  • RMIT e-certificate of Appreciation

What does being a volunteer involve?

Open Day runs from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday 14 August. Depending on the role you are assigned and your availability, there is a minimum commitment of three and a half hours on the day. You will be asked on the registration form to indicate whether you are available in the morning only, afternoon only, or all day. There are also roles which require you to start early, for example Team Leaders and Event Assistant roles.

All student volunteers need to check in on event day during a specific period, this may be up to one hour before your duties begin. For most roles, you will need to be at your designated location 15 minutes before your duties begin to allow any last minute briefing from your team leader. If you are starting in the afternoon, you should arrive earlier so you have time to check in and eat your free lunch before your duties begin.

The duties and responsibilities for volunteers vary. Some involve a lot of talking, others require you to be outside, some involve a lot of interaction with the public, some involve support services for Business staff. The key duties of all volunteers is to give directional advice, you must be proactive and happy to approach visitors and describe what is taking place in B80 on Open Day.

Before you register to be a volunteer, be certain of your commitment as it is very difficult to change the roster after it has been set. After registrations close, volunteers will be selected by the Open Day Volunteer Coordinator (Business).

A briefing kit and support material are expected to be available in the week leading up to Open Day. A briefing session for all volunteers will take place in the lead up to Open Day (a session for each specific volunteer role).

Volunteer roles

Directional Guides – Outside & Inside

Are you a proactive, friendly person that has no problem to approach people looking for help and directional orientation? If you like meeting lots of people then this is the role for you!

Directional Guides are located both outside and inside on each level at various points throughout the Swanston Academic Building (B80). You are there to help and point visitors in the right direction and to ensure that each visitor finds their way to their area of interest.

You will have to familiarise yourself with the venue and where different displays and programs are located on your level and throughout the building.

Directional Guides will not specifically talk about their program, there will be Program Assistants that do that, but you can talk about your study experience in general.


  • Swanston Academic Building: Swanston Street Entrance (outside)
  • Swanston Academic Building: Stewart Street Entrance (outside)
  • Swanston Academic Building: A’Beckett Street Entrance (outside)
  • Swanston Academic Building: Corner Franklin Street (outside)
  • Swanston Academic Building: Various locations inside – where possible, students are allocated on the same floor as their program of study


  • Direct visitors to College of Business (B80)
  • Greet and welcome visitors
  • Distribute event guide on arrival
  • Replenish event guides from storage
  • Approach visitors who look like they need help
  • Advise visitors the best way to get to each location
  • Approach visitors to explain what displays and presentations are allocated on each level
  • Direct problems or enquiries about non-Business programs to the General Info Booth
  • Assist with moving visitors through the foyer area of Building 80
  • Direct visitors to trams/buses and provide directions to other RMIT Open Day sites
  • Familiarise yourself with layout of RMIT Open Day and activities taking place on campus
  • Coordinate meal breaks with other volunteers
  • Assist with general enquiries about activities or your experience (no program advice)
  • Take note of traffic flow and visitor questions, to report to your team leader

Presentation Ushers

Do you have great customer service and listening skills?

The Presentation Ushers are located in each presentation room throughout Building 80. You will be on hand to undertake ushering duties within the presentation rooms and take note of visitor numbers and questions at each presentation.


Building 80 Levels 1-9


  • Announce presentations are about to start
  • Based at the entrance and inside the presentation rooms
  • Make sure visitors are lining up for the correct presentation
  • Monitor traffic flow inside the rooms
  • Allocate visitors to spare seats
  • Input tally sheets noting visitor numbers in each presentation
  • Note questions from visitors at each presentation
  • Assist presenters with technology

Team Leaders (Roaming) – only 9 Positions


Building 80 – Outside and inside on Levels 1-9


  • Supervise indoor Directional Guides on each level
  • Supervise outdoor Directional Guides
  • Be aware of OHS and emergency procedures
  • Familiarise with the floor layout (highlights, exits, stairs, toilets)
  • Familiarise yourself with what is happening on your level so you can advise volunteers and Open Day visitors
  • Note traffic flow hot spots and in conjunction with other volunteers (and staff) ease traffic congestion
  • Coordinate meal breaks with the Directional Guides you are supervising on your level
  • Collect feedback cards from student volunteers and report any visitor feedback

The mobile number of Team Leaders will be issued to Event Assistants, the Directional Guides you will be supervising on your level and College of Business staff.

Team Leaders must be available for an All day shift and also have an earlier start time.

Event Assistants (Roaming) – only 7 positions

Event Assistants will be on call during the day to perform scheduled tasks, and in particular to be a trouble shooter and closely assist the Business Open Day Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator.

Event Assistants will also be a key point of contact for Team Leaders, Directional Guides, and School Open Day Organisers on each level.

The mobile number of Event Assistants will be issued to Team Leaders and College of Business Staff.


  • Assist with the set up of venue on event day
  • Ensure staff in busy traffic areas are supplied with refreshments (they may not be able to leave their display)
  • Liaise with external caterer
  • Restock RMIT guides and brochures if required
  • Assist Info Booth staff as required
  • Take photos of all displays and of visitors; obtain talent releases
  • Deliver lunches, if required
  • Other duties as requested
  • Supervise refreshment areas
  • Event logistics

A comprehensive list of tasks and timings will be issued to Event Assistants.

Event Assistants must be avalible for an All day shift and an 8am start time applies.

Program Assistants (by invitation only)

This role is by invitation from your School only. You cannot register for this role.

Program Assistants will assist staff to talk to prospective students on the day. We always like to have students around who can talk enthusiastically to future RMIT students about the program and their study experience and student life at RMIT.


Various locations

Main duties:

  • A public relations role, to promote the highlights of your program alongside your teachers/lecturers
  • Mingle with prospective students, talk about the courses you are studying, experiences at RMIT, special activities you’ve been involved in, such as study tours, student associations, your school, etc.
  • Other activities as directed by School staff (e.g. attend or speak at information sessions)

Other duties:

  • Direct visitors
  • Coordinate meal breaks with other volunteers in your display room

Open Day student volunteer uniform

In 2016 the Open Day College of Business student volunteers will receive an RMIT zip front hoodie as a thank you gift and will also be the volunteer uniform on Open Day.

Please choose your hoodie size carefully when you register

The hoodies are available in Mens and Ladies sizes. The chest measurement of the hoodie is provided so that you can select the correct size. The order will be placed based on the size you select, therefore additional sizes will not be available if you order the wrong size. Please take care when making your selection. It is recommended that you obtain your chest measurement in cm before selecting your size.

The Ladies hoodies are quite fitted and small in size. If you are a female and prefer loose fitting clothing please select a hoodie from the Mens size range.

Mens Hoodies - Chest size

  • XS = 114 cm
  • Small = 118 cm
  • Medium = 122 cm
  • Large = 126 cm
  • XL = 130 cm
  • 2XL = 134 cm
  • 3XL = 138 cm

Ladies Hoodies - Chest size

  • Size 4 = 80 cm
  • Size 6 = 88 cm
  • Size 8 = 96 cm
  • Size 10 = 100 cm
  • Size 12 = 104 cm
  • Size 14 = 108 cm
  • Size 16 = 114 cm


All successful student volunteers will receive an email confirming their role by late-June.

Further advice will be sent by email about:

  • the student briefing kit
  • training briefing sessions
  • when your Open Day Kit (program, nametag, RMIT Open Day hoodie, merchandise) will be available for collection

Training Briefing Sessions

All successful student volunteers will be invited to attend a training briefing session for their specific role.

Register to be a volunteer

Registraions are now closed.