Employing and managing casual staff

Information on the employment and payment of casual employees.

Employment and management of casuals staff is detailed in the recruitment and employment of casual staff policy and procedure.

Once the casual appointee has been selected, complete the casual hiring process using SAP Manager’s Desktop or by using a casual engagement form. See HR forms.

Human Resources support the employment and payment of casual employees by:

  • Processing casual payment claim forms that are greater than 6 weeks in the past
  • Administration of casual employee records
  • Management of casual pay queries
  • Payment of casual employees
  • Maintenance of the Employee Self Service system (ESS)

Instructions for Time Administrator and Time Approvers

Time administrators may hire casuals via Manager’s desktop on behalf of the hiring manager, change work schedules, and record time for the casual employees within their area.

Time approvers approve a casuals work schedule and timesheet via ESS.

Casual reporting for time administrators and time approvers.