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The Library has a growing collection of online videos covering instructional tutorials, Australian current affairs, documentaries, drama series, feature films and subject specific content. These can be searched through LibrarySearch, or you can browse collections below.

Each collection has different options for embedding or linking to videos as well as creating clips and playlists. Find out more from our Linking and embedding videos, playlists and clips guides.

Instructional tutorials offers online training in business, software, technology and creative skills. First time user? Find out more about

Multidisciplinary collections

Alexander Street includes documentaries, features, educational and informative videos (and audio), and a wealth of archival material. It lets you create clips and playlists of your favourite videos.

ClickView (enter RMIT email address to be directed to the RMIT log in page) Educational videos in Arts, Business, Health and Technology.

EduTV contains Australian and international content including current affairs programs, documentaries, drama series, and feature films. Programs are archived with new content added weekly.

TVNews allows you to browse, search, and retrieve news and related current affairs stories broadcast by free-to-air networks. With daily content updates and an email alert service to help track the stories that matter to you.

Kanopy streams feature films as well as videos in the arts, business, education, global studies and languages, health, media, sciences, social science and technical training.

Third Party Video and Audio collection includes television and radio broadcasts recorded under Part VA [Screenrights Licence] of the Copyright Act, and other video and audio files in the public domain used with permission, or used under licence (such as Creative Commons).

Subject collections provides access to a creative library of over 150,000 advertisements. Search for the latest ad campaigns or browse by film production, sound/music, animation/VFX and more. Media include movie trailers, interactive television, logotypes, posters, and games.

OnArchitecture features video interviews, and profiles of architects, buildings and installations, enriched with a selection of complementary material.

Art and Architecture in Video covers documentaries and interviews illustrating the theory and practice of a variety of art forms and provides the context necessary for critical analysis.

Asian Film Online offers feature films, documentaries and shorts by independent Asian filmmakers, curated by film scholars and critics.

Counseling & Psychotherapy a collection of more than 120 hours and 430 videos (SAGE video)

Counseling and Therapy in Video is a collection of videos for students of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. (Alexander Street)

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video covers documentaries, training videos and interviews to support field experience and provide insight into the function and controversies of the justice system.

Current Affairs in Video features award-winning films and documentaries emphasizing detailed analysis and discussion of the critical political issues of the day.

Education in Video covers hundreds of special topics and themes, and represents many different teaching and learning conditions.

Environmental Studies in Video covers all realms of environmental studies; particularly, ethics, sustainability, policy, economics, law, sociology, planning, and environmental science.

Ethnographic Video Online is a comprehensive online resource for the study of human culture, behavior and society around the world.

Fashion Video Library features programs on the contemporary fashion industry and the history of fashion, clothing, and costume worldwide.

Henry Stewart Talks Business & Management Collection provides access to world class lectures and case studies by leading experts from commerce, industry, the professions and academia.

JoVE: Biology, Immunology and Infection and Neuroscience - the Journal of Visualized Experiments is the world's first peer reviewed scientific video journal devoted to publishing scientific research in a visual format to help researchers overcome poor reproducibility and the time and labor intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques.

LGBT Studies in Video contains programs about the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and the cultural and political evolution of the LGBT community.

Psychological Experiments Online is a multimedia collection that synthesizes the most important psychological experiments of the 20th and 21st centuries. These experiments have far-reaching impacts on fields as diverse as sociology, business, advertising, economics, political science, law, ethics, and the arts.

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video covers fitness and health assessment, disease management, injury treatment, nutrition, medical fitness, sport science, worksite wellness, exercise adherence, and much more.

Theatre in video includes recordings of live theatre performances and also documentaries about theatre production.

Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy provides access to the latest research and best practice methods in the fields of counseling, mental health, and psychology through contemporary presentations, lectures, and workshops from renowned counselors, psychologists, and practitioners.