Out-of-round academic promotion procedure


Out-of-round promotion is a retention mechanism used in exceptional circumstances to counter an offer of employment to an existing staff member from another organisation comparable with the standing and reputation of RMIT.

An out-of-round promotion application can be made at any time. It is used only where a convincing case can be made that promotion is warranted and strategically important to the University. The procedure is intended to be timely and responsive, while not compromising the standards of academic appointments. It is also not intended to replace formal and informal performance conversations, work planning and development activities that lead to successful in-round academic promotion applications.


Academic staff at Senior Lecturer or Associate Professor (and equivalent research positions) , internal to RMIT, including academic staff employed primarily for research


Professional staff, Vocational Education staff, Teaching only staff, Academic staff at Associate Lecturer or Lecturer (and equivalent research positions)

Procedure steps and actions

Procedure (including Key Points)



1. Eligibility

The University will consider an out-of-round promotion for academic staff at Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor (and equivalent research positions), separate to the annual promotion round. Out-of-round promotion may only be to the next academic classification, and the applicant must meet the University approved promotion criteria and standards of performance, as outlined in the Academic staff promotions policy.

  • The HOS/Dean/HoC and/or PVC / President (or nominee) notifies the Academic Promotion Executive Officer that an out-of-round promotion application is forthcoming.
  • Research and teaching data are requested, if not already provided, from Research Master and the Survey Services Centre respectively, to support the case made by the School and College.

HOS / Dean / HoC, PVC / President (or nominee)

HOS / Dean / HoC or PVC / President (or nominee)

Academic Promotion Executive Officer

2. Formation of committee

The out-of-round promotion committee will be composed of the following:

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • PVC from another college

The committee is supported by a non-voting executive officer.

Vice-Chancellor and DVC (Academic) with Academic Promotion Executive Officer

3. Application

A case for promoting the academic staff member is prepared by the HOS/Dean/HoC, with endorsement from the relevant PVC/ President (or nominee), taking into account the specific criteria for the level to which promotion is being sought and how the staff member contributes to the strategic objectives of the University.

The case should include:

  • An assessment of how the staff member meets the criteria for promotion, discussing the standard of performance demonstrated in Teaching, Research and Scholarship and Leadership (normally no more than two A4 pages)
  • A current CV, including research performance indicators and student supervision
  • A current and approved workplan and recent workplan review
  • Written or oral report/s from at least two independent referee/s. Referees must be at least at the level being applied for and at least one should be external to RMIT. If reports are oral, the person conducting the reference check should be stipulated.
  • Proposed commencement date of the promotion
  • A position description for the new level, stating expectations of role
  • Current remuneration and proposed remuneration, including salary point and any merit loading (if applicable)
  • Documentary evidence of the offer of employment.

The application for out-of-round promotion should be submitted by HOS / Dean / HoC or PVC / President (or nominee) to the Chair of out-of-round promotions committee via academic.promotion@rmit.edu.au. The application must have PVC (Academic) endorsement.

Promotion will not normally be considered within twelve months of an unsuccessful application for promotion (in-round or out-of-round).

HoS / Dean / HoC, PVC / President (or nominee)

4. Out-of-round promotions committee assessment

The Out-of-Rounds Promotion Committee will consider the submission expediently.

Responses are sent electronically to DVCE within five working days of receiving the submission, confirming their recommendation to support or not support the promotion.

Committee members will assess the application against the same promotion criteria and standards of performance in teaching, research and scholarship and leadership as in the annual promotion round, as they apply to the level being sought.

If responses are not unanimous, DVCE will call a meeting of the committee members to discuss the application in more detail and reach a consensus decision to recommend promotion or not.

Where required to assist the committee’s deliberations, the Chair may request additional information from the PVC and/or HOS / Dean / HoC of the applicant, including additional referee reports.

Academic Promotion Executive Officer

Committee members


Within 48 hours of submission

Within 5 working days of submission

5. Implementation

DVCE forwards the committee’s decision regarding the out-of-round promotion application to the HR for communication to HoS

If approved, Human Resources will update the staff member’s staff record to reflect the academic promotion, and issue a new contract. The promotion will take effect from the date stipulated in the application.

Where the promotion is not approved, the Vice-Chancellor may recommend the payment of a market loading as an alternative to promotion (in which case the Loadings procedure applies). Academic title would not be awarded in this instance.

The decision is final and appeals against either the decision or the process will not be considered.

The HOS/Dean/HoC (or nominee) will meet with the applicant to discuss the implications of the promotion outcome for workplanning, workload planning, and career development. A new position description should be given to the staff member.

Chair and Vice-Chancellor

Human Resources


HoS/Dean (or nominee)

6. Reporting

All out-of-round promotions will be reported to the University Academic Promotions Committee (UAPC) and will count towards the annual promotion figures.

Human Resources

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