Recruitment relocation instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction aims to provide managers of newly appointed staff and also existing staff who may relocate to a RMIT campus with information on travel, removal and accommodation assistance.

This instruction applied to fixed term and continuing staff members


Casual staff members

Instruction steps and action

Assistance with travel, removal and accommodation costs

Continuing staff and staff appointed on a fixed term contract of at least two years who:

  • are required to relocate at that time of their appointment and
  • the relocation involves a move beyond 80 kilometres from their primary residence may be eligible to receive financial support for travel, removal and accommodation costs for themselves and their dependant family

Travel, removal and accommodation costs

The following travel, removal and accommodation support is an instruction for services that can be provided to assist eligible staff member’s to relocate and ease into working at RMIT. Support for travel, removal and accommodation costs is available for a period of up to 12 months from the date of commencement of employment at the University.

Travel costs:

The most cost effective and the most direct route economy class air flight or rail will be booked in line with the travel policy.

Removal and accommodation:

Transportation (including insurance and storage of up to four weeks) of reasonable personal and household effects belonging to the appointee and dependant family and up to 14 days “reasonable” accommodation upon arrival in Melbourne. If the relocation is international, the length and additional costs for removal will be taken into consideration.

Items of unusual size, weight or nature such as motor cycles, boats and pianos are excluded. The University will not pay for pet relocation costs.

Guidelines for volume of household removal

Volume of removal

Airfreight weight






200 - 300kg


20m3 + 5m3 per dependant


In addition, the staff member could be allowed removal of up to 5m3 of work-related items.

Relocation Costing

To further understand approximate relocation costing, contact the Recruitment Team.

Claiming their relocation expenses

With prior approval, reasonable relocation costs will be reimbursed. The expenses are to be negotiated and approved by the Pro Vice Chancellor and the Executive Director of Human Resources prior to a written contract being issued to the appointee.

Dependant family members arriving later than the appointee

Where any member of the dependant family does not accompany the appointee, they qualify for travel, “reasonable” removal expenses and accommodation costs if they join the appointee within 12 months of the date of appointment to the University.

Extension to the initial appointment

A staff member initially appointed for two years or less and subsequently appointed as a continuing member of staff or to another fixed term appointment would not be eligible for further assistance.

Staff members receiving travel, removal and accommodation assistance who resign within three years of service

If for any reason a staff member, appointed on a continuing basis or a fixed term basis, for two years or more, leaves the employment of the University within three years of appointment, a reimbursement of the following scale will be required:

  • Resigning within 12 months – 70%
  • Resigning within 2 years – 50%
  • Resigning within 3 years – 25%

Delegated authority for approving payment of travel, removal and accommodation costs

Delegations for approving payment of travel, removal and accommodation are the relevant Pro Vice Chancellor and the Executive Director Human Resources.

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