Turnitin: GradeMark

Turnitin’s GradeMark feature provides a fully-online grading and feedback process for any file type.

Rubrics can be loaded into a GradeMark assessment for an easy-to-use marking process. Results that are allocated in GradeMark are automatically saved into Blackboard GradeCentre. In addition, instructors can provide assessment feedback that is available to students via Blackboard where they can review the feedback online or download a PDF of the graded assignment.

Key features of GradeMark include:

  • Online paperless grading that supports RMIT’s e-Submission policy.
  • Assignments of any file type can be graded, including PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, images, and HTML code.
  • Grading templates can be created to grade assignments where submissions are not possible.
  • Easy drag and drop feedback and comments (QuickMarks) that include standard proof-reading marks, punctuation, and common grammatical errors as well as user-defined QuickMarks.
  • Audio (voice) commenting.
  • Rubric Scoring using user-defined rubrics either with or without grade calculation.
  • Automatic transfer of grades into Blackboard Grade Centre.

GradeMark's automation saves time and provides students with a consistent environment for their results and feedback. Using QuickMarks and for rapid drag and drop feedback, along with Grading Rubrics and the fact that GradeMark feeds results to Blackboard GradeCentre greatly reduces the time to grade assignments. Using GradeMark in addition to the originality checking functionality from Turnitin ensures that the student receives comprehensive feedback on their assessment.

Use the Rubric functionality to provide clear assessment expectations to students and to provide a time-efficient grading process for teaching teams.

Good practice

  • Create a common set of QuickMarks that can be applied consistently across all papers.
  • QuickMarks can be exported and shared with instructors to ensure consistent feedback across the course.
  • Provide clear instructions to students on when feedback will be available and how it can be accessed.
  • Encourage students to view feedback (accessed via the assignment ‘submit/complete’ button) to inform their learning experience.
  • Utilise the rubric feature to save time and increase the quality of assessment.
  • Provide students with a copy of the rubric before they submit to GradeMark.

Professional development

Teaching teams may request a customised GradeMark training session run by the HR training team.

User guides

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