Teaching resources

Resources have been developed to assist educators plan and implement inclusive teaching approaches into their teaching practice.

You may be new to teaching and looking for information and guidance to make your teaching practice inclusive, or you may be an experienced practitioner who already uses inclusive approaches in your teaching but would like a ‘refresher’ or some new ideas.

Principles for Inclusive Teaching

The six Principles for Inclusive Teaching give a broad overview or framework from which you can design, deliver and assess. You can also use them to identify your teaching strengths as well as areas to improve.

Strategies for Inclusive Teaching

For each of the Principles for Inclusive Teaching there is a Strategy page. The Strategy pages give detailed suggestions and ideas on how to put the principles into practice. You can use the Strategy pages as a checklist to see what strategies you are already using and/or to see where you can improve or implement new ideas.

Inclusive Teaching Resources Library Subject Guide

The Inclusive Teaching Resources Library Subject Guide houses a range of resources to support an inclusive teaching approach. In addition to the Principles for Inclusive Teaching and the Strategy pages for inclusive teaching you can also access key questions to guide you, exemplars of best practice inclusive teaching approaches, ready-to-go teaching materials and links to other resources.

Reflection and action e-portfolio

An e-portfolio template is available to help you reflect on your teaching practice.