University Elections

RMIT Council and Academic Board elections

Elections for staff and student elected positions on Academic Board and RMIT Council (login required) are administered by the University Secretariat. These elections are held online, usually in the third quarter each academic year. Student members are elected on an annual basis, and staff members are elected biennially or in the case of Council, every three years.

The following links provide information on the status of elections currently underway, and also the electoral process generally.

Elections process

Whenever an election is to be held, a notice of election is sent via email to the relevant electorate and placed in RMIT Update (for staff), myRMIT (for students) and on this website (see notice of elections).

Voting opens where the number of nominations for a vacancy exceeds the number of positions to be filled.

The requirements governing the conduct of RMIT Council and Academic Board elections as University Elections are set out within the Elections Regulations. Elections for other Boards or committees may also be governed by the provisions of the regulation where they have been determined to be University Elections through a process conducted by University Secretariat. Contact the University Secretariat for further advice on determinations.

What the elected positions involve

RMIT Council is the governing body of the University; its responsibilities are set out within the RMIT Act 2010 (PDF 756.9kb 69p) and include oversight and review of the management, performance and academic activities of the University. Visit the RMIT Council page for further information on Council and its committees.

The Academic Board is the peak academic body of the University, with statutory responsibility for making recommendations to Council on the delivery of programs and development of academic policies and procedures in higher education and vocational education. Visit the Academic Board page for further information on the Board and its committees.

Elected staff and student members of RMIT Council and the Academic Board are not elected as representatives of their electorates. Rather, members bring a much valued staff and student perspective to the deliberations of these high-level governing bodies of the University.

The role of University Secretariat

The University Secretariat plays a central governance role in the management of elections across the university. Visit the Resources for Returning Officers page (login required) for further information.


The Returning Officer, University Elections can be contacted via email to