29 July 2014

Bundoora campus staff address 18 July 2014

Attendees: 61

Question and answer session

Q. Will the Bundoora campus ever be completely smoke-free?

A. There is no immediate plan to remove the delegated smoking zones completely at this stage. The change to culture will be progressive and, unlike the city campus which is completely smoke-free, it is a large trek for smokers to go completely off-premises.

Q. With the New Academic Street (NAS) potentially resulting in many staff and studentshaving to travel between City and Bundoora campuses with greater regulatory, whattransportation solutions are being considered?

A. A shuttle bus is one consideration, and there are a number of business cases about NAS being developed for further consultation . There are no definite plans yet, however.

Q. Has a bicycle hire system been considered as a mode of transport between east andwest buildings at Bundoora?

A. This has been put forward by the Student Union previously, but it was not considered desirable by the Campus Advisory Committee as this enterprise would be better managed by an external hire company. None have been interested thus far.

Q. The upgrade 201 showers are too public for some and are not on par with theSwanston Academic Building facilities. Are there plans to improve our showers?

A. This is the first feedback received of this nature and will be taken into consideration. The questions has been referred to Property Services.

Q. There are rumours that Property Services will be removing dedicated maintenancestaff from Bundoora. If this occurs, what will happen in case of OH&S emergencies andhow will minor maintenance be addressed?

A. Alternatives are currently being investigated by Property Services with the aim of standardising services across campuses. The current model of service has been found lacking and knowledge localised to too few senior staff, which is a risk. This project is still in consultation phase so no concrete information can be given at present. For services on the Bundoora campus the response time in any future scenario will need to be immediate.

Q. With student accommodation coming to Bundoora campus, are visitor car parks beingplanned?

A. We need to ensure visitors are catered for, so this is being considered.

Q. The cost of parking tickets for visitors has increased considerably, as people areforced to purchase all day tickets. Is this being reconsidered for the future?

A. New online digital technologies being explored by Property Services are likely to include more tailored pay-per-hour costings.

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