15 July 2011

RMIT’s new wireless network: It’s fast. It’s simple. It works.

Information Technology Services (ITS) has recently upgraded the RMIT wireless network to make it faster and easier to use.

The new RMIT-University SSID (service set identifier) will appear in the WiFi settings of a mobile device / laptop computer when in range of the RMIT wireless network. It provides free internet, and access to the RMIT network, to students, staff and authorised visitors after they log in with their RMIT ID and password.

Members of the RMIT community and general public also have access to the RMIT–Support SSID. This ‘open access’ network features some brief information about the network and links to support pages such as Password assistance, wireless set-up guides and technical specifications.

Go to: Wireless for further information.

[Source: Brian Clark, Executive Director, Information Technology Services]

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