Student feedback administration for Course Experience Surveys instruction

Instruction statement

These instructions provide academic and teaching staff with processes for conducting the Course Experience Survey (CES).



Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



1.1 Survey administration

1.1.1 Academic and teaching staff are advised that student feedback is to be captured and reported every time a course in delivered and that the standard CES is to be used.

PVC’s of Academic Colleges

First month of teaching period

1.1.2 SSC prepares a survey calendar in consultation with Colleges and offshore campuses.

Senior Manager, Survey Services Centre

First month of teaching period

1.1.3 SSC develops and distributes in a timely manner via Student Feedback Coordinators or the relevant campus office:

  • Instructions for administration of the CES;
  • School/course/campus data indicating courses, class groups, enrolments, and teaching allocations;
  • Instructions for addition of local/additional items to the standard CES questions; and
  • Timelines for reporting of survey outcomes

Student Feedback Coordinator

Second month of teaching period

1.1.4 On request the SSC will work with Academic Portfolios to develop student feedback instruments suited to specific delivery modes (eg non-classroom based) or the needs of specific student cohorts (eg culturally and linguistically diverse students) that can be used across the university.

Senior Manager, Survey Services Centre

First month of teaching period

1.2 Survey management

1.2.1 All surveys are to be administered online, where this is available.

1.2.2 SSC conducts data analysis and processes results.

Senior Manager, Survey Service Centre

As per Survey Calendar

July and December

1.3 Conducting surveys

1.3.1 All students shall have the opportunity to complete the CES in class, where appropriate. Staff will promote the CES in their classes and will allocate time for students to complete the CES. The range of options for staff administering the CES in class includes:

  • Scheduling students into a computer laboratory (where appropriate); and
  • Advising students of the opportunity to complete the CES using their mobile device e.g. smartphone or tablet.

1.3.2 The relevant staff member advises students that they can access the CES by logging into MyRMIT and clicking on the prompt which will direct students to their relevant surveys (where implemented on campus).

1.3.3 Teaching staff will advise students to complete, as a priority, the CES for the class which they are attending.

1.3.4 The staff member teaching the course should leave the room in cases where students are completing the survey during class time.

All staff

1.4 Reporting of survey outcomes

1.4.1 SSC provides course reports to relevant staff with responsibility for improving the student experience, as detailed in 3.1.3 of the Procedure.

Senior Manager, Survey Services Centre

As per Survey Calendar

1.4.2 Where reports require corrections, the relevant Student Feedback Coordinator will maintain a spreadsheet of such corrections. Each semester the SSC will call for these, obtain approval for amendments by the relevant Deputy Head Learning and Teaching and will process the amendments in bulk.

Student Feedback Coordinator

1.4.3 Aggregated reports are published on the SSC website.

Senior Manager, Survey Services Centre

2.1 Student feedback coordinator (SFC) responsibilities

2.1.1 The responsibilities of SFCs and relevant campus and partner equivalents are:

  • Promotion of the RMIT Student Feedback Procedure and its goals, to staff in the school, including partners;
  • Attendance at SSC forums, as required;
  • To complete and validate a pre-populated data spreadsheet, distributed by the SSC, of eligible courses to be surveyed within each School;
  • To act as the central point in communicating the survey process to School staff and responding to queries regarding the surveying process; and
  • To communicate any reporting errors (usually related to the name provided of the teacher of a course) that are known, after reports are distributed to teachers. SFCs maintain a spreadsheet listing these errors and provide this to the SSC when requested.

The SFCs are required to provide the following information:

  • Confirmation of which courses are to be surveyed;
  • The names and e numbers of the teaching staff and the course coordinator, or equivalent position;
  • Identification of courses that require optional questions added to the survey; and
  • Which courses within a cluster of courses are to be surveyed.

Student Feedback Coordinator and relevant campus and partner equivalents

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