Nomination submission guidelines for the Francis Ormond and Ralph McIntosh Medals


To provide guidance on the nomination and formal submission process for the Francis Ormond and Ralph McIntosh medal awards to ensure valid and correct submissions are made.

Selection criteria

Francis Ormond Medal

This is presented to a staff member who comes to their role each day with passion and purpose. Their work develops and empowers our staff to achieve greater impact and learning by strengthening our culture of service and support. They focus on outcomes and user experience, whether by contributing to simpler systems and processes, improving sustainability, providing staff development and support, or empowering teams, in ways that allow RMIT to reach its goals.

Ralph McIntosh Medal

This medal is presented to a staff member dedicated to creating life-changing educational experiences to all students from all backgrounds and preparing them for the global world of work. They provide learning through work and enterprise, and access to networks and connections across the world. Whether they are driving impact in research and innovation, or facilitating our students to solve world problems, they contribute to the transformative student experience at the heart of RMIT's mission.

Selection process

Selection committees consider nominations and make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor and the Chancellor, who approve the awards on behalf of the Council. The medals are presented at the RMIT Awards for Excellence ceremony in November.

Committee composition

The winner of the Francis Ormond medal is chosen by a panel of three former award recipients.

The Ralph McIntosh medal selection committee consists of the Director RMIT Connect and Student Life, a Pro Vice-Chancellor of an academic college (or delegate), and the President of the RMIT University Student Union.

Eligibility to nominate

Francis Ormond Medal

Nominations may be submitted by current members of staff. Materials submitted in support of nominations may be authored by current staff and students, alumni and relevant external parties.

Ralph McIntosh Medal

Current staff can submit nominations. Supporting documentation and material can be supplied by current staff and students, alumni and relevant external parties.

Preparation of submissions

1. Nominations should include supporting documentation from a range of people who are well placed to provide evidence of the nominee’s contribution.

2. The supporting documentation should come from several relevant stakeholder groups including students, managers or academic leaders. Applications should have the support of the staff member’s supervisor.

3. All supporting materials must be signed by the author and submitted by the closing date for nominations. Emails used in support of an application should contain email address and date information verifying the identity of the author. Nominations and supporting materials received after the due date will not be considered.

4. For the Ralph McIntosh medal, the award recognises a contribution with significant impact enhancing the student experience. Nominations based solely on outstanding teaching performance are unlikely to meet the award’s criteria.

5. For the Francis Ormond medal, contributions reflecting the RMIT mission and values (passion, impact, inclusion, courage, agility and imagination) will be highly regarded.

6. The process is strictly confidential and nominees should not be advised of nominations.