27 February 2014

Are you a savvy consumer?

Consumer Affairs Victoria

New phone arrives with a cracked screen? Tap’s been leaking for months? Now you know what to do.

Your study is stressful enough, so do not let shopping and renting trouble you even more. Know your rights through an interactive quiz and smartphone app from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

You may have had disappointing shopping and renting experiences. Online purchases turned into nightmares. Your landlord just would not give your bond back. Fear not, Consumer Affairs Victoria can help you get through such problems.

Learn more about your consumer rights from Party for Your Rights, an interactive online quiz designed to empower you as a young consumer.

You can also use RentRight, a smartphone app with handy features for calculating rent, lodging repair requests, documenting house conditions and more.

For more information, go to Party for Your Rights and RentRight.

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