Cancellation of enrolment

The cancellation process from 16 November 2015
(Singapore Institute of Management)

  • Student seeks advice from their course advisor.
  • Student applies online via SIMConnect and attaches any supporting information/documentation to their online application.
  • Workflow sends the application to Level 1 (SIM) to confirm the application is complete.
  • Workflow sends the application to Level 2 (RMIT Global Enrolment Services) to validate the application.
  • RMIT Global Enrolment Services sends an email to RMIT School/College to advise of the cancellation.
  • Workflow sends the applicaton to Level 3 (SIM) to process the application in SIMConnect.
  • Data is sent from SIMConnect to SAMS to reflect the enrolment change.
  • SAMS sends an email to the student confirming that cancellation has been processed.

The cancellation process (all other partner institutions)

  • Student seeks advice from their course advisor.
  • Student completes Cancellation of enrolment form.
  • Student signs form.
  • Student submits form to the partner office.
  • Partner notes the cancellation and forwards form to RMIT School/College Administrator.
  • RMIT School/College administrator notes the cancellation, forwards to RMIT Global Enrolment Services for processing.
  • RMIT School/College administrator advises partner of the outcome.
  • Partner advises the student of the outcome.

Financial and academic penalties may apply depending on the date the student submits their application.

RMIT initiated discontinuation

RMIT may discontinue a student’s program for specific reasons, such as:

  • Offer lapsed (student has not submitted a first enrolment in a program).
  • Financial debt (student has not paid fees to the partner institution).
  • Academic progress.
  • Visa requirements not met.