Bachelor of Business Transition Plans for SIM students

RMIT University Bachelor of Business programs are designed to ensure that graduates receive a solid education in business disciplines, a comprehensive education in their chosen area, and the opportunity to apply this in the broader business world. In 2012 your program was aligned with the program structure in Melbourne in preparation for the introduction of flexibility in the programs in 2013.

From Semester 1, 2013 all students enrolled in RMIT Business programs at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) will have the opportunity to take advantage of the variety of RMIT business courses available at SIM.

The New Business Program Structures

To be awarded an RMIT University three-year business degree, except Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance), you must successfully complete or be exempted from completing:

  1. 8 Common Core Courses (Compulsory)
  2. 8 Major Courses (Compulsory)
  3. 8 Electives, which may be made up of:
    a) A Second Business Major; OR
    b) A Business Minor and a Second Minor; OR
    c) A Business Minor and 4 Elective courses

To be awarded the BP251 Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance) degree; you must successfully complete or be exempted from completing:

  1. 8 Common Courses (Compulsory)
  2. 12 Major Courses (Compulsory)
  3. 4 Electives, which may be made up of:
    a) A Business Minor; OR
    b) 4 Elective courses

View the complete list of available Business majors and minors (PDF 22Kb)

Completing Your Transition Plan: Instructions

In preparation for the re-enrolment session, you should review the following information and prepare your Transition Plan.

  1. Choose the correct transition plan template for your program and your commencement year by clicking on the relevant link below. Make sure you choose the correct template.

    NOTE: Students enrolled in BP217 Bachelor of Business (Management) have already transitioned so do not need to complete a transition plan. Please continue to the next section, Completing Your Course Selection Templates.

  2. Transition Plans

  3. Enter your name and student number on your Transition Plan.

  4. Print out your academic history from MyRMIT for information about your past and current enrolments.

  5. Use your academic history to complete the section in the Transition Plan ‘Your Program Plan’, selecting ‘Yes’ alongside every course in the appropriate column, either:

    a) Successfully Completed; OR
    b) Currently Enrolled; OR
    c) Exempted

    If none of these three options apply for a particular course, leave the field alongside that course blank. This is a course you have yet to complete.

    Once you have finished completing the section “Your Program Plan”, the courses with “Yes” in the column “To Be Done” are the courses you have yet to complete for your program. The total number you have remaining is at the bottom.

  6. Once you have completed your Transition Plan, save a copy to your computer for your reference.

Sequencing Tables