Bundoora Campus Advisory Committee


The role of the Bundoora Campus Advisory Committee (BCAC) is to provide advice to the Bundoora Campus Manager requiring input from the appropriate teaching and research groups to develop and implement a management plan for the Bundoora campus. The committee will advise and make recommendations to the Bundoora Campus Manager on the coordination and management of the campus operations in accordance with the University’s Strategic, Business and Infrastructure Plans.


  • Strategic utilisation of space and input to development of new space and buildings
  • Strategic positioning of the Bundoora campus for students, research, industry and the community

Committee practices


a) The BCAC is an Advisory Committee to the Bundoora Campus Manager.

b) The BCAC shall be responsible for reviewing the operational and strategic planning for the Bundoora campus (East and West campuses). It will make recommendations to the campus manager, concerning:

  • space allocation and reallocation on the campus;
  • additional space needs for the campus;
  • prioritisation of capital projects and minor works;
  • strategies to ensure that the campus is provided with suitable services for students, research industry and the community;
  • strategies to improve compliance with facilities related to OH&S issues.

c) The chair of the committee shall have executive power to make decisions in an emergency to resolve a problem if required.


a) The membership of the Advisory Committee shall be made up of the following:

  • Bundoora Campus Manager (Chair)
  • Heads of Schools (HoS) represented on the Bundoora campus (both East and West campuses)
  • Head of Bundoora Research Institutes
  • DVC R&I or nominee
  • Dean of Students or nominee
  • Executive Director (Property Services) or nominee
  • Director RMIT Library or nominee
  • Student Representative

(Please note: It is a requirement that HoS members attend 80% of the meetings across the year)

b) The Chair shall be the Bundoora Campus Manager

c) The Deputy Chair of the Advisory Committee will be appointed by the Bundoora Campus manager.

d) The Chair has the authority to co-opt members to assist with deliberations on specific matters.

e) If any member of the Advisory Committee is unable to fulfill their duty of membership for a period greater than three months, they should inform the Chair of this and the PVC College of Science, Engineering and Health shall nominate a replacement for that period, if the alternate is also unavailable.

f) The College of Science, Engineering and Health will provide secretarial/administrative support for the BCAC.

Underlying principles for recommendations: These will be developed by the committee (e.g. co-location of staff in Schools; co-location of postgraduate students to best meet strategic needs of Schools; space allocation to support School disciplines and changes in student and research profile; adherence to University policy; improved utilisation of space for teaching and research; co-location of Learning and Teaching activities to enhance quality learning and teaching outcomes)

Member engagement and participation

Every member applies to their work on the committee a valued range of skills, knowledge, and experience and contributes representative views.

Each member’s skills, knowledge and experience are applied to ensure committee advice and monitoring follows due process

Members know each other and work together on the basis of trust

Members use their sound understanding of policy to ensure they are adequately prepared to represent the views of their constituents at the committee and to reflect back committee decisions to constituents


a) Meetings of the Bundoora Campus Advisory Committee shall be held six times a year.

b) Additional meetings (if required) will be called where necessary to enable the committee to fulfill its responsibilities.

c) Meetings will be scheduled into member’s calendars for that year in the first month of the year.

d) Minutes of the meeting shall be circulated to all members within fourteen working days of the meeting.

e) At least two Bundoora Campus Manager addresses to staff will be held per year. In addition, two PVC forums will be held to inform staff on the campus about planning outcomes as a consequence of the BCAC meetings.

Review and Improvement

a) The Chair will report as necessary to the VCE

b) The BCAC’s Terms of Reference will be reviewed on a bi-annual basis. These Terms of Reference were reviewed in 2013.