Posters of SAB Learning Spaces

Individual characteristics describing the layout and function of various learning spaces are provided. Each poster contains a general description of the room type, the learning modes supported, and the potential for Interactivity and Collaboration.

Project based spaces (PDF 315 KB)

Lectorial spaces (PDF 385 KB)

Interactive tutorial spaces (PDF 307 KB)

Interactive lecture spaces (PDF 627 KB)

Discursive theatre (PDF 188 KB)

Treasury training room (PDF 193 KB)

The Agency (formerly virtual advertising agency) (PDF 193 KB)

Business design space (formerly enterprise and entrepreneurship space) (PDF 168 KB)

Simulated business space (formerly virtual enterprise space) (PDF 205 KB)

Enterprise training space - NEIS (formerly small business space) (PDF 217 KB)

IT training lab (formerly specialist computer lab) (PDF 283 KB)