10 September 2015

Calling for hardware and software requests

Still planning some IT hardware (CAPEX) spend as part of your 2015 budget?

The cut-off date for ordering computer related out-right purchases against this funding is Friday 2 October. This allows us the necessary time to review your request and ensure your equipment is receipted and delivered before the end of year.

It’s also time to start thinking about new learning and teaching software that is needed for next year. To ensure any required software is processed, fully tested and rolled out across computer labs and myDesktop for students to use in time for Day 1 classes, it’s important to get your requests in by Friday 16 October.

To submit a request, visit the Computers, hardware and software requests page to get started. You can browse through the standard hardware and accessories available through the GetIT online store - or for anything non-standard, complete the special request form.

For any questions, contact the Service and Support Centre.