Sonny Ramsurrun


Over the past twenty years Sonny has lived in Africa, England and more recently in Mauritius. He has held various positions and achieved a range of valuable experiences in the field of management and administration, and up until recently was working as a researcher.

Sonny worked in Africa as an assistant administrative manager for a large International Construction company (GOCEFAR) resposible for major projects such as airports and harbours. He took leave to enroll in a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Newport University in England to improve and further his knowledge and skills in the field of management.

Once graduated, he got a job in the UK as an Administrative and Operation Manager with a FOODSTUFF retail outlet. He was involved in planification, co-ordination and many other day-to-day issues. In such a competitive environment, the need for upgrading skills was high and the pursuit of his professional career lead Sonny to enroll in a Masters degree in Business Administration from Leicester University in England.

Having completed his Masters Degree Sonny commenced as a researcher employed to carry out a Mauritian government sponsored project entitled "An overview of Mauritian manufacturing industries towards competitiveness", which has just been released and published locally.

While conducting the survey, it became apparent that quality orientation and management in the small and medium sized organisations in Mauritius was clearly behind by global comparisons. Thus it was oncluded that it is imperitive that corrective measures are taken to address this and above all a greater number of qualified consultants are needed in this respective field.


In the beginning of April 199 Sonny began the next phase of his tertiary education when he was admitted to the Centre for Management Quality Research, RMIT University to undertake a full time Doctoral study in the field of Quality Management.

At this stage the project is loosely titled: Development of Quality Management towards competitiveness in the local manufacturing industries


Sunny recently presented a paper at the 7th International Conference on ISO 9000 and TQM (7-ICIT), Melbourne, Australia April 2002 titled