Completions Process (Final Sign Off): Time-based Completions for Apprentices instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction states the completions process to be followed for all Victorian apprentices enrolled in a time-based completion program. For advice on the completion process for apprentices in other states, contact the Manager, Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

The process stated here will ensure RMIT is compliant with the Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) TAFE Performance Agreement Training Services Delivery (the Service Agreement).

Four weeks prior to the nominal completion date, DEECD send a completion notice to the employer requesting confirmation that the apprentice has completed the ‘on the job’ component of their apprenticeship. To ensure RMIT is aligned with employer notification, school staff may access and use this instruction upon assessment of the apprentice’s final competency.


This instruction is only relevant to Victorian Apprentices undertaking a time-based training program and excludes all other cohorts of students.

Process Step/Action


Time Frame

1. Identify students eligible for completion

  • Once all competencies are delivered and assessed, use the Completions Application (or the pending completions report) and the training plan to check that all requirements of the program have been met.
  • Victorian Apprentices are flagged with priority flag ‘DELTA’ in your workflow.
  • Note 1: Students can be manually added to your workflow if they do not appear.
  • School staff will check:

    a) that all program requirements have been met on or before the nominal completion date listed on the training plan;

    b) enrolment of all competencies;

    c) RPL or credit transfers have been processed;

    d) that all results have been entered;

    e) the latest grade date matches the actual completion date.

  • Where discrepancies arise, the student’s record or training plan must be investigated and updated accordingly.
  • Note 2: This may require an extension of the nominal completion date of the training agreement. If this is the case, the employer and apprentice should be given a copy of the Victorian Regulations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) Application for Approval to Vary a Training Contract form to complete and forward to the relevant Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC). The form is available at: VRQA Training Contracts page
  • Note 3: Schools can also use the Pending Completions report distributed monthly by Record Management Services to identify apprentices who are due to complete their ‘off-the-job’ training. The report identifies students whose nominal completion date is in three months. Schools are required to check the apprentice will complete their program requirements prior to their nominal completion date within two weeks of receipt of the report.



2. Sign Program Completions Report

The Program Completions Report is signed and validated by the Program Coordinator before being placed on the student file.


With 10 working days from completion of the final competency.

3. Complete student in the Completions Application

  • The School undertakes final check of the Program Completion Report, and assesses the student’s completion.
    When the validations are passes, the completion is able to be confirmed. The record will be removed from your workflow and the school assessor’s role in completing this apprentice is complete.
  • The completion date entered must match the latest grade date (actual completion date). The Completions Application will undertake an automatic eligibility check and any issues preventing completion need to be investigated by the School.

Note 1: For all interstate apprentices, the School must process the student’s completion in accordance with the state contract.

Note 2: Completion of interstate apprentices in relevant databases is currently under review.


Within 10 working days from when the training plan has been returned.

4. Generate list of completed apprentices

  • Upon completion being confirmed, the DELTA report is generated and provided to Records Management Services to record completion for Victorian apprentices in the DELTA database.

Exams, Awards and Graduations


5. Completing apprentice in the Victorian DELTA Database

Update training agreement in DELTA database to reflect completion as follows:

a) Tick ‘Successful completion of off-the-job training’ (Place of Learning (POL) completion);

b) Change effective date to match the actual completion date of completion.

Note 1: Unemployed apprentices If the apprentice is unemployed as at the actual completion date (training agreement has a status of cancelled or withdrawn), in addition to the above Records Management Services will:

  • Email to advise that the wording “achieved through Australian Apprenticeship arrangements” needs to be removed from the q2ualification statement.

Note 2: Expired agreements If the training agreement has a status of expired – college incomplete, Records Management Services will:

  • Tick ‘Successful completion of off-the-job training’ (Place of Learning (POL) completion) if able to do so.
  • The agreement will then be picked up in reports and completed by the Australian Apprenticeships Unit of the VRQA.

Records Management Services

Within 2 working days

6. Send Statement of Academic Completion to employer / apprentice


Within 2 weeks

7. Issue Qualification Statement

Qualification Statement is issued to the student

Note: If a student has a financial debt owing to the University, they will not receive their academic statements until the debt has been cleared.

All related queries can be forwarded to

Exams, Awards and Graduations

Within 2 – 4 weeks from completion being confirmed in the Completions Applicaiton

8. Issue Testamur and transcript

Testamur (certificate) and a Transcript of results is issued to the student.

Note: If a student has a financial debt owing to the University, they will not receive their academic statements until the debt has been cleared.

All related queries can be forwarded to

Exams Awards and Graduations

In absentia conferrals: approximately 2 – 4 weeks from the conferral date (last working day of the month in which they were approved for conferral)

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