RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

26. Voluntary redeployment


RMIT recognises the benefits of a voluntary redeployment process, as it provides a mechanism to mitigate the adverse effects of redundancies. Where the University forms the view that an employee’s position is likely to have an uncertain future, the University will, wherever practicable, offer the employee concerned the option of participating in a voluntary redeployment process.


The University will make all reasonable efforts to redeploy employees who elect to participate in a voluntary redeployment process and will, in order to facilitate redeployment, provide appropriate reasonable training or retraining and consider waiving or modifying any other relevant internal University policy or process.


This clause does not detract from the University’s right, pursuant to clause 25 to invoke at any time, the redundancy provisions as prescribed by that clause. However, the parties to the Agreement also note clause 24 will apply in circumstances as prescribed in that clause.

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