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Fr Richard Murray – Senior Chaplain

Fr Richard Murray (BA, M.Ed., M.Div.) is an Anglican priest who brings to the Senior Chaplaincy role at RMIT considerable experience in education and pastoral work. He spent nearly forty years in Education, working as a teacher, a school and regional administrator, and as a school chaplain. In more recent times he has also worked as a parish priest in suburban Melbourne. Richard is a member of the Council of the Anglican Province of Victoria.

Richard is strongly committed encouraging spiritual exploration and dialogue across faith traditions. He is passionately committed to the multi-faith chaplaincy at RMIT and is eager to engage in discussion and dialogue with students and staff from all parts of the university, and to promote dialogue and spiritual exploration through the Spiritual Centre and Chaplaincy at RMIT.

As well as his work at RMIT, Richard ministers to parishes in the Diocese of Melbourne whicduals to explore prayerfully their lives and aspirations. He believes that the work of the chaplain draws on similar skills and he is keen to lend a listening ear to anyone who needs or wants it.

Richard enjoys robust relationships across the faith communities of Melbourne and also has strong ties with several interdenominational networks within the Christian community.

Richard is an avid reader and listener to music and, in his leisure time, he enjoys playing music as a member of the Western Region Concert Band, cooking and making things with wood.





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Pastor Nelson Pervaz

Pastor Nelson Pervaz is a missionary, evangelist and a Bible teacher and is engaged in several ministries around the world. He is multilingual. He speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi (written and spoken), Arabic and Pharsi (written), and Hindi (spoken).

Prior to migrating to Australia, he was a supervisor of many home-based Bible teaching movements, and a member of the Baptist World Alliance.

Pastor Nelson holds master degrees in Panjabi and Urudu languages from the University of Punjab, and a Certificate in Christian Leadership from the Haggai Institute Singapore. He also has qualifications in Bible preaching, evangelism and counselling, and has had training in peace building and studied Religion as a Resource for peace-building.

Pastor Nelson Pervaz has several ongoing ministries in Melbourne, and has a Gospel Distribution Ministry in the city and runs a weekly Bible study group. He also preaches regularly via telephone to the Home Church Pakistan and also to the Pakistani Christian Diaspora in many countries, including in the UAE and the UK. He believes in the Ministry of Reconciliation and preaches inter-denominationally.

To connect with Pastor Nelson please contact the Chaplaincy office.

Rev Sandy Solomon - Chaplain RMIT Bundoora Campus

Rev Sandy Solomon (BSc., Grad Dip Ed., MDiv., Grad Dip Div.) is an Anglican priest with a background in Senior Chemistry and Maths/Science Teaching, Student Welfare Coordination/Programs and Student Management roles in Secondary Schools. Sandy has significant experience in education and pastoral work. Sandy is an accredited chaplain with the the Council for Chaplains in Tertiary Institutions (CCTI).

She is currently also licensed as a priest in the parish of St Matthias Anglican church in Mernda/Doreen [Plentylife] with a church planting role in Mill Park. Prior to this appointment she was Assistant Curate in the parish of All Saints Clayton with a role of ministry to Youth and Young adults including pastoral connections with students at Monash University. Sandy enjoys facilitating insight of personal spiritual and vocational directions and goals. She is an accomplished student of the holy scriptures and welcomes discussion and study of the sacred text. She is always happy to lend a listening ear over a cup or tea or coffee and/or to pray with students or staff at the RMIT Bundoora Campus [East and West].

Sandy enjoys oil painting [portraiture at present], music of many kinds, playing the piano, reading a variety of literature, walking or biking with the two Australian kelpies that she and her husband own and food and laughter with family and friends. She also has a flourishing vegetable garden and fruit trees that make the back garden a delight.





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Fr Jo Dirks SSS

Fr Jo Dirks SSS, (B.A., Theol. M., Certificate in Spiritual Direction, Authorised Celebrant) is a member of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament that has pastoral care for St Francis’ Church, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. He has spent many years in leadership in the Australian Province of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation. He has two published books; The Inner Snowy and Sydney Downtown. His background in ecumenism includes being past convener of the Melbourne City Churches in Action. He has an interest in the media, which includes being a past board member of the television company Albert Street Productions. He was also a member of the Council of Yarra Theological Union.

He enjoys tennis, bushwalking and cross country skiing; discovering the sacred through art, cinema, music, meditation and spirituality; affirming our Indigenous Australians and giving the chaplaincy an ethical voice as regards making our planet sustainable for all. He hopes others will find that he is all ears and heart.

To connect with Father Jo please contact the Chaplaincy office.

Sr Maureen Merlo

Maureen grew up in Melbourne and after becoming a primary teacher entered the Society of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ). During the following years, Maureen has taught in primary and secondary schools as well as in a Pastoral role especially to migrants, refugees, international students and country students. Recently, Maureen lived and worked for two years in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and one year in the Philippines. In both of these countries there are FCJ communities.

Maureen hosts a Taizé and meditation group every second and fourth Thursday of the month.

To connect with Sister Maureen please contact the Chaplaincy office.

Community Churches of Victoria

Costa Englezos

Costa Englezos.

Costa Englezos.

Costa has been an academic for almost 40 years, teaching accounting and finance at various universities (RMIT, Melbourne Uni, La Trobe Uni, and others).

Whilst teaching for 18 years at RMIT Business, he ran weekend orientation camps for local and international students, developed student mentor programs and founded SLAMS (Student Learning Advisor Mentors).

His passion in life is to love God and to demonstrate that by loving and serving people. In particular that means helping to meet the needs of students – the “whole person” – academic, personal, practical, emotional, and spiritual.

Costa has served with a number of Christian bodies over the years (Presbyterian church, Brethren church, The Navigators, and Christian Union), but the “denominational tag” is not important to him since he calls himself a CHRISTian not a CHURCHian.

So, if you, whether student or staff , are wrestling with any issues or burdens and would like to talk it through with a sympathetic, perhaps older and wiser, person, then I would be delighted for you to call me to arrange an appointment.

You are not alone. (God is with you and knows)
You need not be alone. (I am just a phone call away)

To connect with Costa please contact the Chaplaincy office.

Greek Orthodox

Fr Antonio Cagnoni

Fr Antonio Cagnoni is an Orthodox priest serving in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. He is a graduate of St Andrews Greek Orthodox Theological College in Sydney and currently serves as an assistant priest in the parish of St Haralambos Templestowe.

To connect with Father Antonio please contact the Chaplaincy office.

Russian Orthodox

Priestmonk Kyril Gavras

Priestmonk Kyril (BTh SCD) is the Orthodox Christian Chaplain to RMIT. He is a tonsured monk and an ordained priest in the Orthodox Christian Church (Australian and New Zealand Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia). One of the primary responsibilities and duties of ordained clergy in the Orthodox Church who are also chaplains is to provide the Holy Sacraments to Orthodox Christians and to give pastoral care through service, encouragement and edification to students and staff from all walks of life.

Orthodox Christian Chaplaincy is therefore a witness to the sharing of our Spiritual Treasures, Divine Truth, Apostolic Light, and Way of Christ, for those who seek it in the academic community.

Chaplaincy remains in many ways, a missionary field. This does not mean an arena for proselytizing rather, reaching out and being a listening presence, praying, serving, liturgising, and sharing the Faith with those in need.

To connect with Father Kyril please contact the Chaplaincy office.

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