CES analaysis

Performance Analysis / CES Analysis Project

Project Synopsis

Dr Anthony Bedford and his team from the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences have been conducting a project on the analysis of CES data for each discipline, with the aim of finding out what drives good teaching. The process of analysis has been two-fold, focussing on both CES survey data and interviews of high-achieving academics. The findings are discipline-specific, different factors drive teaching in different subject areas. The team is also investigating the CES - CEQ relationship, and also provides aggregated analysis of teaching, including large-class effects; sample-size changes; facility effects; and paired improvement levels.

Key Supporters

RMIT Students, DVC Prof. J. Barber, Survey Services, T&L groups, SMGS, Associate PCVs

How do I use this site?

This site provides a broad range of reports generated from CES analyses conducted since semester 2 2007, and case studies developed through consultation with RMIT teaching staff.

The site also provides further information about the project team, publications related to our work and the services we can offer to RMIT interested in analysing their CES results in detail.

For more detail about the support that we can provide, please see our CES cycle diagram (PDF 762 KB).