Nominations, Remuneration and People

Terms of reference


1. To recommend candidates for Council vacancies to Council or to the Minister for Higher Education and Skills as appropriate to ensure the Council has an effective balance of relevant skills, experience and knowledge.

2. To recommend to Council membership of Council Committees and the boards of controlled entities to ensure they have an effective balance of relevant skills, experience and knowledge.

3. To recommend to Council a person to be appointed or re-appointed as Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor.

4. To recommend candidates to Council for honorary awards.


5. To monitor the following:

    • Continued development of a human resources strategy which ensures that appropriately talented and trained people are available to achieve the RMIT strategy;
    • Appropriate performance management, leadership succession planning and development activities;
    • Diversity and inclusion strategies and outcomes;
    • Protection of the health and safety of students, employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

Remuneration and Performance

6. To recommend, monitor and review the Vice-Chancellor’s performance and key performance indicators and for the determination of the annual salary and bonus components.

7. To review any incentive plans or ex gratia payments to University staff or to the Vice-Chancellor.

8. Approve the appointment, re-appointment and termination of positions reporting directly to the Vice-Chancellor.

9. To ensure that the University’s remuneration and incentive policies, practices and performance indicators are aligned to the Council’s vision, values and overall business objectives and are appropriately designed to:

    • motivate the University staff and the Vice-Chancellor to pursue the long term growth and success of the University;
    • demonstrate a clear relationship between the achievement of the University’s objectives and the Vice-Chancellor’s and the staff performance and remuneration; and
    • approve executive Total Fixed Remuneration ranges.

10. To review and approve the Total Fixed Remuneration, performance assessment and bonuses recommended by the Vice-Chancellor for the direct report senior executives.

11. To review and monitor talent and succession planning.

12. To review and make recommendations to Council about Council member remuneration.

In addition the Committee will consider any appropriate matters referred to it by Council or the Vice-Chancellor. The Committee will conduct an evaluation of its activities annually to ensure its terms of reference are met.

In discharging their responsibilities, the committee members have a duty to act in the best interests of the University’s as a whole, irrespective of personal, professional, commercial or other interests, loyalties or affiliations.

The minutes and/or a report of each Committee meeting must be submitted to the next Council meeting.

Approved by Council 23 February 2016.


Council members

  • Janet Latchford (Chair)
  • Stephen Duckett
  • Ziggy Switkowski AO


  • Amanda Way

Meeting dates