Working With Children Check

Some partner organisations may require you to complete a Working With Children Check (WWCC) in order to participate in WIL.

The check focuses on specific types of offences that relate to children and assesses a person’s suitability to work with children. It is a legal requirement for those undertaking paid or voluntary child-related work in all Australian states and territories. Similar requirements may be required for placements in other countries.

  • You are required by law to list RMIT as the organisation through which you will be undertaking child-related work.
  • If you already have a WWCC for employment purposes you must add RMIT as a volunteer organisation.
  • If you pass the WWCC you will be mailed a card that is valid for 5 years unless suspended or revoked.
  • You should take your WWCC Card to the first day of placement in case you are required to present it prior to commencing with the organisation.

Note: Both volunteer and employee WWCC Cards are available. An Employee Card costs around $100 depending on where it is issued but allows you to engage in any paid or voluntary ‘child-related work’. A Volunteer Card is free but can only be used for voluntary child-related work. It is unlawful to engage in paid employment with a Volunteer card.

Negative Notice

A Negative Notice is issued when it is considered that an applicant poses a risk to the safety of children. This prohibits the applicant from engaging in any child-related work even if they are directly supervised. If an applicant receives a Negative Notice, they cannot apply for another WWCC for a period of 5 years, unless their circumstances have changed.

Note: a Negative Notice may prevent you from accessing suitable WIL Activity and may delay or prevent you from satisfactorily progressing through your program.