Global Development

The Global Development team:

  • Provides strategic leadership and advice for new business development initiatives for international/offshore projects/target markets, in line with priority markets/countries
  • Supports the development of new international campuses and significant offshore presences
  • Conducts market research and business intelligence on new business development opportunities in priority markets/countries
  • Undertakes preliminary due diligence on new partners, markets and countries in line with the current strategy
  • Develops relationships with targeted organisations/individuals considered strategic and relevant to RMIT’s vision.


Contact for information/advice on:

  • International business development initiatives
  • Advice on new international opportunities
  • Advice on international priority markets/countries which RMIT seeks to be strategically engaged
  • Market intelligence/country profiles on new international markets/countries
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with international partners, including cultural norms, etc.


Murli Thadani, Director, Global Development and Indonesia Advisory