The National Conversation on Learning and Teaching seminar series

The National Conversation on Learning and Teaching is a seminar series held at lunchtimes with national leaders in higher education.

Hosted by the Office of Dean Learning and Teaching, this seminar series enables RMIT staff to capture some of the valuable ideas that have been deemed to be best practice and the new directions for the sector. Guests include winners of Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) awards and grants, whose work has been acknowledged as exemplary, and those who have been making a national impact on learning and teaching.

Previous seminars

Associate Professor Kevin Tant

Associate Professor Kevin Tant, 2015 Prime Minister’s Teacher of the Year, spoke about his innovation in teaching financial trading using a simulated teaching and research laboratory (STARLab). The model engages a diverse cohort of students and enables reflection on risk behaviour and compliance.

Professor Richard James

Professor Richard James, University of Melbourne, spoke on his findings from the Office for Learning and Teaching funded project, ‘The Academic Workforce 2025’.

The project found that while learning and teaching will always be the principal business of the higher education sector, increasingly teaching staff will be neither active researchers nor research trained. A new approach to the professionalisation of teaching is coming that recognises the diversity of roles, functions and employment types of individuals who contribute to student learning.