20 October 2015

Beware of Ransomware

An online threat that’s increasingly popular at the moment is the use of Ransomware.

It’s a type of malicious software that holds the contents of a computer hostage by infecting it and demanding a fee to remove the restriction.

Perpetrators may gain access to your system by sending an email that looks to be from a legitimate company that requests you download new software. By clicking the links within these messages or by visiting compromised websites, scammers can encrypt your files or stop you from using your computer.

To increase protection:

  • regularly back-up your data to a portable drive or other secure location
  • bookmark frequently visited websites to limit the chance of accessing fraudulent sites
  • verify email sources by checking the sender’s details
  • ensure you have antivirus software and the latest updates installed on your device
  • don’t install programs from untrusted sources.

For advice and assistance with online security, contact the Service and Support Centre.