RMIT HDR Scholarships subcommittee

Terms of Reference - RMIT HDR Scholarships subcommittee

1.Title of committee

RMIT HDR Scholarships Subcommittee

2. Policy reference

Pursuant to its delegated authority in Statute 2.8, the Academic Board has determined to establish and maintain an RMIT Research Committee, which in accordance with its Terms of Reference will establish a sub-committee responsible for matters pertaining to the allocation of research scholarships at RMIT.

3. Rationale

The RMIT Research Committee is the platform for the development of appropriate policies at RMIT – including matters specific to ensuring RMIT delivers a high quality research training experience to all its Higher Degree by Research students. The RMIT HDR Scholarships Subcommittee will be responsible for ensuring that all centrally awarded HDR scholarships, are awarded to eligible applicants at RMIT on the basis of principles approved by the Research Committee.

4. Committee practices:

4.1 Functions

4.1.1 The HDR RMIT Scholarships Subcommittee (“The Subcommittee”) is a subcommittee of the RMIT Research Committee (“The Committee”).

4.1.2 The Subcommittee shall:

Review the list of domestic and international applicants for centrally awarded scholarships including APA, IPRS, RPIS, RPS, and RRMS when available, and resolve any disputed scores for applicants and determine final scholarship and place ranking.

Make recommendations to the Committee on policy and procedure relating to allocation of scholarships;

Transmit to the Committee a report from each of its meetings to provide additional transparency for the selection and allocation process.

4.2 Membership

4.2.1 Membership of the Subcommittee shall be approved by the Committee and shall comprise:

Ex officio

The Dean, School of Graduate Research, who will be the Chair;

The Deputy PVC (Research and Innovation) from each Academic College or nominee;

The Senior Manager, School of Graduate Research;


Directors of two RMIT Research Institutes, nominated by the DVC Research and Innovation;

A nominee of the DVC International and Development.

4.2.2 A Deputy Chair shall be nominated by the Chair.

4.2.3 The Dean, School of Graduate Research shall appoint a secretary to provide administrative support to the Subcommittee.

4.3 Executive

The Chair may authorise a meeting of an Executive of the Subcommittee (including virtual meetings) to facilitate business matters. This will usually be for matters:

that may require resolution within timeframes outside normal Subcommittee schedules; and,

that the Chair has endorsed for action.

The Executive shall comprise the Chair or Deputy Chair, plus three members (approved by the DVC Research and Innovation).

Outcomes of Executive meetings shall be circulated electronically to the full membership of the Subcommittee for ratification.

4.4 Duration

The term of nominated members shall be for two years.

Retiring members shall be eligible for reappointment.

4.5 Quorum:

The quorum for a meeting shall be half the membership of the Subcommittee plus one. In the absence of both the Chair and Deputy Chair a member elected by the members present shall preside.

4.6 Meetings:

4.6.1 The Subcommittee shall meet in November/December each year and at any other time to coincide with a centrally awarded scholarship round. Additional meetings may be held at other times if required.

4.6.2 Five workings days notice in writing will be given of a forthcoming meeting. Such notice should include the time, place, agenda and papers for the meeting.

4.6.3 The Subcommittee may also develop innovative processes using Information Technologies to conduct its business.

4.6.4 Absent members may be represented by a proxy where that proxy has been appointed to act in the substantive role of the absent member.

4.6.5 A proxy may not be a current member of the Subcommittee.

Review and improvement

The Subcommittee will report annually through its Chair to the Committee against its rationale, operations and continuous quality improvement processes.


APA: Australian Postgraduate Award

IPRS: International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

RPIS: RMIT Postgraduate International Scholarship

RPS: RMIT Postgraduate Scholarship.

RRMS: RMIT Research Masters Scholarship