Knowledge Management and IS

Track Description

The Knowledge Management track provides an arena for discussing current approaches to the way people and organisations work with knowledge.

The track aims to facilitate active exchange of ideas between academia and practice. We aim to offer participants an opportunity to generate and explore ideas and to share their experiences within the Australian knowledge management community. While focussed on the Australian community, the welcome international participation from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

This year's specific theme is intended to explore the role of ICT in knowledge management and in particular open the discussion on if and/or how innovative ICT can contribute to transforming the future through knowledge management.

Relevant Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • KM for organisaitonal transformation
  • Transformation of knowledge and its management
  • Design, development, and use of IS for KM
  • Enablers and barriers of organisational use of KM
  • Acquisition, integration, creation, transfer, utilization, and adoption of KM in various organisational and societal contexts
  • Management of knowledge workers and resources
  • Impact of KM programs or applications on individual, group, and organisational performance
  • IT-based knowledge resources for competitive action
  • Social networks for exploiting knowledge or creating intelligence
  • Theoretical and practical issues in development of KM systems
  • Intra-organisational management of knowledge and supportive technologies
  • Intellectual and social capital
  • KM for innovation
  • KM frameworks and applications
  • Measuring KM success and sustainability
  • KM Standards
  • KM for the wider community
  • New conceptual challenges for Knowledge Management

Potential journal special issues and/or journal fast-track If any

The Best KM Paper award will be selected from this track. This award is sponsored by Emerald Publisher.

Authors of selected high quality papers from the track will be invited to submit an extended version of the paper for a fast track review process of VINE: The journal of information and knowledge management systems.

Track Chairs and Contact Details

Professor Frada Burstein, Monash University, Australia (

Associate Professor Helen Hasan, University of Wollongong, Australia (

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