Ralph McIntosh Medal

Established in 2008, the Ralph McIntosh Medal is awarded annually to a member of staff who has provided outstanding service to students over a period of not less than five years. Outstanding service to students means service that is beyond the normal expectations of a member of staff, whether administrative or academic.

It is named in honour of a former maths teacher and advisor to both local and international students, Ralph McIntosh, who worked at RMIT from 1925 to 1966.

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About Ralph McIntosh

Ralph McIntosh was a very long serving member of RMIT who worked in various areas from 1925 to 1966. He held the positions of Science Master of the Junior School, Head of Mathematics, and teacher of mathematics and science to servicemen during World War II. There are still ex-students who remember him as a highly gifted and caring teacher. He was known to the students as “Madly Methodical Mathematical Mac.” During this early period of his employment he was also sports master and organised and ran the Old Boys Lacrosse team for many years.

From 1941 to 1945 he was welfare officer for the service trainees and provided them with support and guidance well beyond the call of duty. In 1946 he became Personnel Officer and was largely involved in looking after the interests of returned servicemen who had returned to study under the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme. From 1947 he also cared for Asian students, to whom he was affectionately known as "Dad", and made an honorary member of the Malayan Students Association. From the mid 1950s he had the role of Overseas Students Personnel Officer - probably one of the first international student advisors in Australia.

His dedication to the welfare of local and international students was quite exemplary and generous over the whole of his working life at RMIT. Ralph McIntosh was born in 1899 and died in 1980.

Nominating and approval process

  1. One Ralph McIntosh Medal is awarded each year.
  2. Nominations are sought annually from members of staff
  3. Nominations are made using the Francis Ormond and Ralph McIntosh Medals nomination form (PDF 94KB)
  4. Nominations must comply with nomination submission guidelines
  5. Nominations and supporting materials are sent to the University Secretary via email at university.secretariat@rmit.edu.au
  6. Nominations are considered by a committee comprising: the Dean of Students, a Pro Vice-Chancellor from an Academic College and the President of the RMIT University Student Union

Please note - Nominees should not be advised of their nomination as the nomination process is strictly confidential.

2017 timelines

  • Nominations are accepted until 5:00pm Friday 4 August 2017
  • Nominations are considered by the Ralph McIntosh Medal Selection Committee within two weeks of the close of the nomination period
  • The Ralph McIntosh Medal is presented at the RMIT Awards for Excellence ceremony in November