Public use

Copyright protects material on the internet, the internet it is not in the public domain or copyright free. The general school of thought is that material made available on the Internet is considered “in the public domain” or “free for use”, giving rights for works to be downloaded and used. Unless stated otherwise you should assume you can only view or print materials for personal use only – single use.

It is always best to check the terms of use or copyright notice on the bottom of the website to ascertain the terms under which the material on the site can be used.

Most public use of copyright works requires a permission or licence, the exception being works licensed for use under a creative commons licence or educational use licence.

Social Media, Flickr, Yammer, Facebook, Blogs and Wikis

Externally hosted public sites such as flickr, twitter, yammer, blogs or wikis contain terms of use that you are required to click to agree in order to set up a site. Care needs to be taken to read the terms of the site. In accepting the terms you are agreeing to abide by the conditions outlined.

It is best to use images you have created, you own, have obtained a licence to use, or are creative commons or ‘free’ images.

Google images

Images found on Google are protected copyrighted works Google is a search engine that searches the internet for images try searching Google for creative commons images - how to search for creative commons images using Google