RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

This schedule will only apply to Traineeship employees of the University

4. Wages


The weekly wages payable to full-time trainees will be as provided in clauses 4.4, 4.5 4.6 and 4.8 of this clause and in accordance with clause 3 of this Schedule.


These wage rates will only apply to trainees while they are undertaking an approved Traineeship which includes approved training as defined in this Schedule.


The wage rates prescribed by this clause do not apply to complete trade level training which is covered by the Apprenticeship system.

4.4 Wage Level

Where the accredited training course and work performed are for the purpose of generating skills which have been defined for work at Wage Level.

Highest year of schooling completed

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12




255.47 (50%)*

318.96 (33%)

298.27 (33%)

358.81 (25%)


Plus 1 year out of school




Plus 2 years




Plus 3 years




Plus 4 years



Plus 5 or more years


4.5 School based traineeships

Year of schooling

Year 11

Year 12

School based traineeships in Wage Levels




Figures in brackets indicate the average proportion of time spent in approved training to which the associated wage rate is applicable. Where not specifically indicated the average proportion of time spent in structured training which has been taken into account in setting the rate is 20%.

4.6 Wage Rates for Certificate IV Traineeships


Trainees undertaking an AQF IV traineeship will receive the relevant weekly wage rate for AQF III trainees at Wage Level applicable with the addition of 3.8% of that wage rate.


An adult trainee who is undertaking a traineeship for an AQF IV qualification will receive the following weekly wage as applicable based on the allocation of AQF III qualifications:

First Year of Traineeship

Second Year of Traineeship

Wage Level




For the purposes of this provision, out of school will refer only to periods out of school beyond Year 10, and will be deemed to


include any period of schooling beyond Year 10 which was not part of nor contributed to a completed year of schooling;


include any period during which a Trainee repeats in whole or part a year of schooling beyond Year 10;


not include any period during a calendar year in which a year of schooling is completed; and


have effect on an anniversary date being January 1 in each year.


Where a person was employed by the University under this schedule immediately prior to becoming an adult trainee with the University, such person will not suffer a reduction in the rate of pay by virtue of becoming a trainee. An “adult trainee” for the purpose of this sub clause is a trainee who would qualify for the highest wage rate in Wage Level A, B or C if covered by that wage level.


Where a traineeship is converted from an AQF II to an AQF III traineeship, or from an AQF III to an AQF IV traineeship, the employee will move to the next higher rate provided in this schedule, if a wage rate is provided for that new AQF level.

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