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Design and Social Context

Alice Niclolas, Exchange to Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Applied Science, Canada
Alice studied at Concodia University for the fall of 2013. She met some crazy people and had "an amazing experience".

Arthur Corte, Exchange to Concordia University, Canada
Arthur felt "blessed" to be travelling to Montreal during his final year of study on exchange. Immersing himself in the culture, Arthur's greatest difficult was adjusting to the climate in particular the "bone-chilling winter days."

Bella Walker, Exchange to Danish School of Media & Journalism (DMJX), Denmark
Bella studied semester 2 2013 in Copenhagen experiencing the city in a range of seasons.

Brianna Lehrke, Exchange to Tianjin Normal University, China
Brianna loved meeting new friends from all over the world on her exchange to China in semester 2, 2013.

Dominic Chambers, Exchange to Western Carolina University, USA
Dominic describes his exchange in semester 1, 2014 as the “most incredible experience of his entire life.”

Emile Blosfelds-Morrison, Exchange to Lund University, Sweden
From day one of his exchange to Lund University, semester 2, 2013, Emile started fostering friendships that he still holds today.

Laura Casey, Exchange to Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Netherlands
Since the beginning of her course, Laura knew she wanted to make the most out of the exchange opportunities offered to her.

Laurence Barnes, Exchange to Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Applied Science, Montreal
Laurence's dream of networking, researching the industry and building up his skills were all made possible on his year exchange to TU Berlin.

Mitchell Connolly, Exchange to KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Mitchell Connolly describes his semester exchange at KTH Stockholm in Sweden, as one of the most valuable and enjoyable experiences of his academic life.

Patrick Rebakis, Exchange to Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom
Inspirational academic and lectures and travelling throughout Europe made for some extreme highs.

Samaka Ndege, Exchange to University of Maryland, USA
Samaka used the time before and after her study at the University of Maryland to explore parts of North and South America.

Tara Hall, Exchange to Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
Tara had a "perfect" semester 2, 2013 at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland.

Yi Shuen Wong, Exchange to San Diego State University, USA
Yi Shuen had a stimulating, eye opening semester at San Diego State University, semester 2, 2013.


Elise Palmber, Exchange to Newcastle University, England
Elise studied at Newcastle University, a university that is rich in history. Based in the United Kingdom, Elise had the opportunity to travel to such places such as Portugal and France.

Laura O’Brien, Exchange to Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
Laura spent semester 2, 2013 on exchange in Mexico City. She says “I loved every minute. Would not change a thing."

May Chong, Exchange to University of Hong Kong, China
May immersed herself in a different culture in Hong Kong, broadened her mind, and would tell anybody considering going on exchange to go for it.

Thomas Ryan, Exchange to Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
On his exchange to Sweden in semester 1, 2014, Thomas made life long friends and experienced incredible nights and activities.

Science, Engineering and Health

Chamendra Amarasinghe, RIIERP Program to Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)
Chamendra felt lucky to work on the world's passenger aircraft. Every week he had an interesting incident to tackle and felt that the whole experience was great for self growth.

David Purser, RIIERP Program to Airbus Defence and Space, Manching (Germany)
David enjoyed having full autonomy over his projects and that in his internship he was responsible for delivering actual results.

Marcus Taylor, RIIERP Program to iSyst Intelligente (Germany)
Marcus completed his Masther Thesis at iSyst Intelligente in Germany as part of the RIIERP program.

Nicolette Gan, RIIERP Program to DENSO Automotive GmbH (Germany)
Nicolette comes from an Aerospace background but chose an automotive company to challenge her learning abilities and gain an insight into the Automotive industry.

Nita Wiroonsup, RIIERP Program to Astrium Space Transportation, Germany
Nita is sure her internship at a leading international engineering firm will get her ahead in the professional industry.

Tim Jakobi, RIIERP Program to Rolls-Royce, Bristol (UK)
Tim knows the technical skillset he embraced during his internship at Rolls-Royce will stay with him for the rest of his life and help him to transition from university to industry.