Quit body bashin’ … try compassion

This project was created by a group of Master of Psychology students that aimed to address body image issues in university students.

Body image refers to perceptions and attitudes about one’s own body, including thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours. Body image has been consistently reported as a top concern amongst Australian secondary and tertiary students, aged 11–24 years.

The project activity had taken place at RUSU Wednesday BBQs at the Bundoora campus and students were asked to write or draw three things they like about their body.

Project team.

Master of Psychology project team engaging with their participants.

A total of 163 students participated in the project of which 93% reported the activity to be a positive experience. Some of the feedback received from participants included:

  • ‘It was actually quite hard to think of positive things, I’m so used to being hard on myself.’
  • ‘This was good, it gave me a different perspective.’
  • ‘Forces you to change your point of view—not as hard as I thought it would be.’
  • ‘It made me think that I don't have to try and change myself.’
  • ‘I always complain about my weight but overall this made me realise I actually love my body.’
  • ‘Gave me a new perspective about what I think of myself.’