Field education – Work Practice

Environment and Planning students undertaking a Work Practice course in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies are required to complete a Placement Agreement Form, also called the Field Education Work Placement Contract. This document must be signed by the student, the RMIT Work Practice Coordinator, and the Host Organisation prior to the commencement of the placement.

To ensure your work placement is properly processed and approved please read and follow the instructions below.

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Making your work placement beneficial

Here are some key points to ensure your work placement is beneficial:

  • Make sure you are working somewhere you can put your university theory into worthwhile practice and be aware of the workplace conventions and culture.
  • Take every opportunity to develop your personal skills set,
  • Be aware of career possibilities and try to build up networking contacts,
  • Make an active contribution to the organisation: the more varied roles you participate in the greater the depth of your experiences.


Completing your Field Placement Agreement Form

1. Obtain a blank Placement Agreement Form

  • You can obtain a hard copy of a blank Placement Agreement Form (PAF) either from class or download a copy directly from Placement Agreement Form.

2. Signature from your Workplace Supervisor

  • When you visit your proposed workplace and both parties have agreed that you will undertake your placement there, complete and sign the Placement Agreement Form.
  • You must obtain the signature of your workplace supervisor.

3. Completing an online Placement Agreement Form (for Environment and Planning students only)

  • Go to the Online Student Field Placement System and select your course.
  • After filling in the online form, you will be asked to type the verification number and press ‘Get Form’.
  • On the screen, you will receive an ID number and the opportunity to view the form.
  • You may save and print the form which will be in PDF format.
  • Write down this ID number on the top of the signed form.
  • The ID number is essential for administrative purposes.

4. Submitting your form

  • Submit your original hard copy form, signed by you and the Workplace Supervisor, to the Program Administrative Officer, located in Bldg 8, Level 7, Room 36.
  • Only when this form has been received by Program Administrative Officer and final approval granted by the relevant RMIT Work Practice Coordinator, can your placement proceed.