Managing class swaps - VET instructions

Managing class swaps - VET instructions

An instruction states the required steps/actions, responsibilities and time-frames for a process under a policy and/or procedure of the University.

Instruction statement

A class swap occurs when a student remains in the same RMIT course (subject area and catalogue number) but moves from one class number to another number in the same semester. If a class swap across semesters is required the student must add and drop the classes via Enrolment Online or an Enrolment Variation form.

The need for a class swap can arise for various reasons including but not limited to:

  • students changing groups
  • students enrolled in an incorrect class number
  • classes scheduled incorrectly
  • School operational reasons
  • classes with low student enrolments
  • classes that did not run or were rescheduled
  • classes combined with another class


This instruction applies only to class swaps in VET programs.

Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key steps)



1. Completion of TAFE class swaps form

To swap one or more classes for a student's enrolment the TAFE class swaps form is completed.

To swap one class for multiple students the TAFE class swaps form for multiple students.

Note: where many students are swapping multiple classes the TAFE class swaps form is to be used.

TAFE class swaps form and TAFE class swaps form for multiple students must be authorised by a staff member on the TAFE University Error-Amendment authorisation list.


As soon as required class swap is identified

2. Form lodgement

TAFE class swaps forms and TAFE class swaps form for multiple students are lodged at the Hub.


As soon as Class Swap form is completed

The form is logged onto the DTS, issued a batch number and forwarded to Data Management Services.


Within 3 working days

3. Checking

The form is checked:

  • for completeness and accuracy
  • for the timing of the form submission (pre or post census date) to determine processing dates
  • to ensure that the VET FEE-HELP (VFH) publishing requirements have been met (if applicable)

Enrolments and Records

Records Management Services/Course and Program Administration

Within 48 hours of receipt

4. Processing

Classes are added and dropped as per the instructions provided by Records Management Services.

Data Management Services

Within 48 hours of receipt

Attendance confirmations are removed from dropped classes (if applicable).

Enrolments and Records

Within 1 week of receipt

Attendance confirmations may be entered against the new class in SAMS as soon as a class swap has been processed. To receive government funding attendance confirmations must be entered within the AVETMISS reporting time frame implemented by HES.


As soon as new class has been added or classes begin

5. Notification

If required, HESA Unit is advised that adjustments are required to the student's VFH loan.

Enrolments and Records


If required, TAFE Variations database is updated to ensure that the Statistics and Reporting Unit correctly report student's enrolment to DIISRTE.

Enrolments and Records

Prior to VFH DIISRTE reporting submission date

6. Filing

If the class swap was recorded on the TAFE Variations database the Class Swap form is scanned and filed electronically.

Enrolments and Records

Within two weeks

The Class Swap form is returned to the school to be placed in student file.

Data Management Services/ School

Within two weeks of receipt of form

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