09 January 2013

Bundoora campus staff address 14 December 2012

Attendees: 99

Question and answer session

Q. There have been several cold room breakdowns occurring of late. Some have been out of operation for an extended period of time. What can be done to prevent this occurring, or are there strategies for notification?

A. Sensors inbuilt into the cold rooms should be informing us automatically of breakdowns. Property Services are supposed to inform relevant staff. However, if a breakdown occurs, let your Head of School know immediately and copy Peter Coloe and Paul Brown into the communication.

Paul Brown to follow up on report incident where a cold room was apparently without operation for two weeks.

Q. Are there any plans for reserved staff parking?

A. (Chris Box, Corporate and Client Services Coordinator): Consultants are currently undertaking an analysis and developing recommendations. Reserved parking currently exists for executive staff only, although the analysis is looking into further reserved parking with possible boom gate security. Recommendations from the analysis will be forthcoming.

Q. Are there plans for video surveillance to the parking areas to deter theft of vehicles?

A. There was a camera recently installed in front of Building 223. Chris Box will include further recommendations for additional cameras in the parking consultants report.

Q. What is happening with the Building 223 Research Space?

A. A feasibility study has been done for the extension of research facilities in this building, but we are currently awaiting the outcomes of the Capital Works submission for 2013.

Q. What is the status of the continuation of the pedestrian spine?

A. The next installment of the spine--from Plenty Road to the carpark--is scheduled for 2013.

Q. What is the consensus among staff about the building 224 lecture theatre facilities?

A. (Attendee responses) Students don’t enjoy the concrete seating outside the theatre; difficulties in linking video presentations to the screens in the foyer; better video-conference usability would be preferred; a central projecting screen as opposed to current two screen left/right display.

A survey will be disseminated by Eileen Box to Bundoora staff to collate responses about the Building 224 facilities. [The Director of IT has been contacted about improving the video conference facilities].

Q. Is a system for duplicate parking permits being considered, wherein multiple vehicles may operate on one parking permit? It is currently inconvenient to scrape off a sticker permit and replace on alternate personal vehicles for some staff.

A. Currently there is no provision for duplicate parking permits because it is not possible to scan permits for duplicate use on any one day. Perhaps electronic scanning of registrations could deal with this scenario but this will be addressed by property services.

Q. Existing Building 223 laboratory spaces are being shared with other disciplines - such as pharmacy to share with biochemistry. What will happen to programs and disciplines in need of laboratory space?

A. Laboratory space is to be allocated via timetabling. For maximum space utilisation, labs with higher students numbers will be given preference. Head’s of school need to be informed of space shortfalls, however.

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