Sustainability policy

RMIT acknowledges that sustainability is currently concerned with:

  • Ensuring a legacy for future generations, human and non-human, so they enjoy at least an equal level of well-being and life prospect, as do present generations;
  • Fostering an alertness to the serious threats posed by human action to life-sustaining natural environments and, hence, to human society, and developing individual citizens and communities that are prepared to contribute proactively to effecting necessary lifestyle and livelihood changes;
  • Enabling all people to realise their potential in ways that do not harm, but rather protect, and even enhance, the planet’s life support systems;
  • Living and learning within an understanding that all dimensions of human experience – cultural, economic, environmental, health and social – are radically and dynamically interconnected, therefore mutually impacting;
  • Appreciating that equity and social justice across present generations, and between present and future generations, as well as environmental justice and responsibility, are essential prerequisites for a healthy and peaceful human condition.

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