27 October 2015

Xiyi Wang, Exchange to Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, Newcastle - England

Xiyi Yang studied at lively Newcastle University in the United Kingdom for semester 2, 2013, something she describes as "the best decision I ever made."

“Do it! It's a life-changing experience; travel and meet new people, try new things, see Europe! No regrets."

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: Newcastle, England

Xiyi made friends from all over the world in Newcastle, a mix of international and domestic students, through her accommodation at halls of residence, orientation and Newcastle’s “vibrant” night life.

Xiyi found studies at Newcastle University a challenge, with more of a focus on research and problem solving, but felt there was more scope and flexibility for exploring areas of personal interest. She also says the university is “very well located, right in the heart of the city and close to useful services, such as restaurants and food outlets, fresh produce markets, retail and transport hubs,” and there was a fantastic “Fresher’s Week” experience.

During orientation she met a bunch of friends and learned all she needed to know for a seamless, fun semester. Newcastle is an incredible place to live, and its location means Xiyi was able to travel to Western, Northern and Eastern Europe, in addition to around the United Kingdom. One thing she would suggest, however, is to bring both your sunscreen and a good umbrella!

Exchange in Newcastle, England

Image by exchange student Xiyi Wang