Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

Embedding 3D simulation into curriculum: Developing, integrating and sharing web-based resources for simulated learning

Project Leader

Dr Marcus McDonald

Project Team

  • Dr Jennifer James
  • Associate Professor Jenny Sim
  • Dr Tony Zhang
  • Suzi Mansu
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Martin
  • Brett Gordon
  • Dr Charlotte Sale
  • Tracii Ryan
  • Meg Colasante
  • Associate Professor Sheila Scutter

Project Summary

This project aims to support RMIT academic staff in the adoption of simulated learning in their curriculum. The study builds on our 2011 and 2012 LTIF projects by bringing together the academic team’s experiences, expertise and resources developed these past two years through the creation of a web based resource for simulated learning. For 2013, the Research Team will focus on developing a web based resource on simulated learning, integrating our findings and resources and sharing our experiences and expertise with the RMIT academic community.

The website will consist of a comprehensive list of resources including an education framework for designing simulated learning. The site will detail the pedagogy underpinning simulated learning, references and links, with examples of how different disciplines across SEH and DSC Colleges successfully embedded Second Life into their curricula. Instructional tutorials on Second Life participation will be available in readiness for staff use. One major resource will be the availability of digital videos that showcase how Second Life was used to assist students in their learning. Self reflection of performance (via role play clips) promotes systematic reflection of their competence (Kong et al. 2009) which in turn enhances student learning. Aside from serving as a resource for academic staff, another major objective of the website is to provide a forum for a community of practice of virtual learning. To ensure the website is of the highest standard, an external reviewer will be invited to evaluate the website for improvement.

This project will showcase seven disciplines across SEH and DSC colleges. The digital video clips will form a rich teaching and learning resource for both academic and students respectively. The principles and pedagogy embedded in these two LTIF projects are equally applicable across different disciplines, rendering this proposed 2013 LTIF project to have university wide application.

Download full report [PDF, 119 KB, 6 pages]